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Greedless Harmony

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The sons and daughters of Buddha are free on the eternal path of liberation, and the sons and daughters of Confucius sing of the Great Age of Sages. The sons and daughters of Jesus are replete in their infinite glory, and the sons and daughters of Mohammed have hearts bursting with joy and happiness.

The world is a single home, and all of mankind is one. So let's forget such useless discrimination as "self" and "others", and forget national, racial and other barriers. Let's treat those of other religious as members of our own, and those of other nations as our compatriots.

To harm others is to harm yourself, and to help others is to help yourself. Treat the sick as if they were yourself. Treat the sick as if they were yourself, and serve the anguished in every way that you can.

It is awful to disguise personal profit and greed as patriotism and fraternity, so let's rid ourselves of this completely. With a pure heart, let's all help one another and let's all trust one another. Let's respect one another and love one another, and let's all harmonize as one.

As I sit leisurely without thoughts of "self" and "others", plum blossoms begin to cast their fragrance into falling snow.

New Year's Message, January 1, 1988 from Songcholnet(www.songchol.net)

About the Author

Toeong Seongcheol (1912~1993)

Master Seongcheol, standing as one of the most influential Seon Masters in the history of modern Korean Buddhism, through his exhaustive Seon spirit and his easily understood dharma lectures, led the common people to a deeper, broader understanding of Seon Buddhism.