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Korean Buddhist Books

A Buddha from Korea: The Zen Teachings of T'aego

by Taego Bou

translator : J. C. Cleary

Publisher : Shambhala ( May 1, 2001 )

A Buddha from Korea is intended to open a window on Zen Buddhism in old Korea. The book centers on a translation of teachings of the great fourteenth-century Korean Zen adept known as T'aego, who was the leading representative of Zen in his own time and place. This is an account of Zen Buddhism direct from an authentic source. Cus...

Mind Only: Essence of Zen

by Chris Verebes

Publisher : Hollym Intl ( May, 2002 )

With so many books available in today's spiritual supermarket offering advice and guidance, it's hard to know what is genuine and what is not. Mind Only combines beautiful photographic images of historic Korean Temples with selected teachings, aphorisms and poems of renowned Zen masters to present an authentic portrait of the Korean Zen tradition. Zen was first introduced to t...

Opening the Eye

by Ven. SongChol

translator : Brian Berry

Publisher : Gimm-Young Publishers, Inc. ( 2002 )

Dharma messages by Ven. SongChol, Korean Jogye Zen Master and Patriarch Translated by Brian Barry Korean Buddhist thought maintains the belief that meditation is an effective means to reaching enlightenment. Monk Song Chol is one of the meditation promoters with his famous question of "Who Am I"? If you keep on asking that question over and over, accordin...

The Whole World Is a Single Flower

by Ven. SeungSahn

Publisher : Tuttle Pub ( December, 2000 )

More unanswerable questions from Korea, June 21, 2005 Reviewer: Paul Lynch - See all my reviews Wow, I can't believe that no one has ever reviewed this book; the reviews must have been lost in cyberspace. What can I say about a book that I refer to everyday since its release in 2000? I am deeply indebted to Zen ...

Tracing Back the Radiance: Chinul's Korean Way of Zen

by Bojo Jinul

translator : Robert E. Buswell, Jr.

Publisher : University of Hawaii Press ( 1991 )

"Buswell's linguistic ability is commendable, as is his impressive understanding of Buddhist philosophy and unflagging commitment to historic accuracy." --Journal of Asian StudiesJinul (1158-1210) was the founder of the Korean tradition of Zen. He provides one of the most lucid and accessible accounts of Zen practice and meditation to be found anywhere in Eas...