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Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism is the biggest Buddhist order of Korea that has inherited the 1,700-year-old tradition of Korean Buddhism. More than 3,000 mountain monasteries including UNESCO Cultural Heritages like Haeinsa Temple and Bulguksa Temple have been preserving Korean tradition. Also, about 13,000 monks and 10 million lay follower have been continuing their Buddhist practice. Especially, approximately 2,400 monks continuously participate in 3-month-long retreats in summer and winter following the mass practice tradition that dates all the way back to the time of Buddha.

Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism has been managing Buddhist cultural artifacts, which consist of around 60~70% of all Korean cultural assets, while also working on renewing and developing the inherited traditional culture. Also, the Order has been actively contributing to making Korean society a society without religious conflict by leading the Korean Council of Religious Leaders along with Christian, Catholic, Confucius and Korean traditional religions.

Based on the strength stemming from deep practice and cultural capacities, the Order is engaged in various humanitarian activities for the modern society. The Order has initiated activities to promote social coexistence through protecting the less privileged members of our society including elders, disabled, immigrants and North Korean defectors. With infinite compassion for all sentient beings, the Order also been leading the effort to solve the alienation and conflicts in today’s society through supporting blue-collar workers, environmental initiatives and peace promotion.

The 36th administration of Jogye Order hope to open a new path for Buddhism through 3 pillars: cooperation within the Order through communication to enhance the spirit of the community, peace for North and South Korean exchange and spirit of preservation of the inherited Buddhist culture and tradition.

Korean Buddhism has been continuing its efforts for peace and comfort of all sentient beings based on compassion and dependent origination principle of Buddha. The Order would like to share with all of you, the spirit of peace and harmony as well as Korean traditional culture of implementing Buddha’s teachings to our lives. Therefore, I ask that you pay special attention to our future activities while also joining for us through exchange and cooperation.

Ven. Wonhaeng, the 36th President of Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism

Received novice ordination from Ven. Wolju at Beopjusa
Appointed Abbott of Anguksa at Muju
Elected a Member of the 11th Central Council of Jogye Order and the Director of Planning at Geumsansa
Appointed Auditor of Sangha Educational Foundation, Special Advisor to the President of Jogye Order
Elected a Member of the 12th Central Council of Jogye Order
Appointed Secretary General of Board of Adjudication, Chair of Alumni Association of Chungang Sangha University, Director of Sanghawon Welfare Foundation, Secretary General of the Central Council and Management Commssioner for Order’s Educational Institutions
Appointed Chair of Alumni Association of Chungang Sangha University, Elected a Member of the 13th Central Council of Jogye Order, Head of House of Sharing, Head of International Peace and Human Rights Center in Gyeonggi-do Province
Appointed Abbott of the 17th District Head Temple Geumsansa, Chancellor of Hwaeom Buddhist University and Chair of Heegangwon Welfare Foundation
Appointed Vice Chair of Haein Sangha University Alumni Association and Reappointed Abbott of the 17th District Head Temple Geumsansa
Appointed Chair of National District Head Temple Abbott Council and a Member for Presidential Social Integration Committee
Appointed President of Chungang Sangha University, Chair of Sanghawon Welfare Foundation, Director of BBS and Elected a Member of the 16th Central Council of Jogye Order
Elected the Chair of the 16th Central Council of Jogye Order
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