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Collected Works of Korean Buddhism | Harmonizing the Hundred Teachings

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Author : Yi Neunghwa
Translator : Dan B. Jung
Publish : Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism

1 Comparing Taoism with Buddhism
2 Comparing Belief in Spiritual Beings and Divination with Buddhism
3 Comparing Hermitism with Buddhism
4 Comparing Confucianism with Buddhism
5 Comparing Christianity with Buddhism
6 Comparing Islam with Buddhism
7 Comparing Brahmanism with Buddhism
8 Comparing Buddhism with Taegeukgyo 太極敎 (Teaching of the Great Ultimate)
9 Comparing Buddhism with Daejong-gyo 大倧敎 (The Teaching of the Great Divine Man)
10 Comparing Buddhism with Dae-jonggyo 大宗敎 (The Great Religion)
11 Comparing Buddhism with Cheondogyo 天道敎 (The Teaching of the Heavenly Way)
12 Comparing Buddhism with All Other Religions
13 The Essentials of Buddhism

1 Argument against Those Who Banish Buddhism on the Grounds That It Is Nihilistic
2 Argument against Those Who Take the Treatise on the Buddha’s Bone as Premise for Denouncing Buddhism
3 Argument against Those Who Denounce Meditation
4 Argument against Those Who Claim That Meditation Interferes with Secular Work
5 Argument against Those Who Claim That Buddhists Are Withdrawn and Pessimistic
6 Argument against Those Who Misconstrue Buddhism as Prohibiting Marriage
7 Argument against Those Who Claim that Buddhists Prohibit Eating Meat So Even Riches are Useless
8 Argument against Those Who Become Buddhists in order to Attain Supernatural Power and Spiritual Reactivity
9 Argument against Those Who Claim That Buddhism is merely a Religion and Has Nothing to Do with Academics
10 Argument against Those Who Criticize Buddhism for Idol Worship
11 Comprehensive Argument

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