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Author : Kyungae Lee
Translator : Jinsuk Lim Tedesco
Publish : Association of Korean Buddhist Orders

Grateful Offerings: Korean Mountain Temple Cooking

This book is the 8th publication of the project, "Spreading the Korean Buddhist Culture Worldwide through the English Book Publication" that began in 2008 with the first one, "Korean Buddhism." It introduces not only the recipes of the Korean exotic traditional temple foods but also the beautiful stories behind them, along with various photographs of temples, natural surroundings, making process and foods. The 130 photos of these kinds taken by Jiwon Ha, the professional and active Buddhist photographer, will offer you the pleasant opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty of mountain temples in Korea.
   The translator and the proofreader, Jinsuk Lim Tedesco and Frank M. Fedesco, as the recognized Buddhist translator and proofreader who have deep understanding on the Korean Buddhism, showed their profound love and affection for Korean Buddhist temple foods in the course of this book making.  Since many of the Buddhist terms in English are not yet much standardized, those not widely known to the public or not having the standardized translation in this book are used with a supplementary explanation in parentheses for the readers' reference.


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