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Author : Lee Sunim, Lee Yunsu
Translator : June Park et al.
Publish : Yeondeunghoe Preservation Committee

Title: YEON DEUNG HOE, Lotus Lantern Festival, The Light of a Thousand Years
The coming together of the World in Light and Joy

The English edition,
YEON DEUNG HOE : LOTUS LANTERN FESTIVAL. THE LIGHT OF A THOUSAND YEARSwas published by the Yeondeunghoe Preservation Committee in order to promote this national Buddhist event worldwide and to guide foreign visitors to enjoy this festival to the fullest.

According to the national statistics, about 300,000 nationals and 20,000 foreigners attend and participate in the festival annually. The number of international visitors from not only nearby countries like China and Japan, but also faraway ones like the UK and Germany has steadily grown at the Lotus Lantern Festival and many of them come solely for the participation of the Festival. Growing as a global cultural festival, it invites and unites people from different nationality, faiths and languages under the philosophy of Buddhism.

As a festival program guide with information on its history and significance, along with an outline of lotus lantern crafting methods, this book reveals the joys of the Lotus Lantern Festival, in what you can see, hear and taste. And it will also be your memorable souvenior once you come back to your home country after the participation of the festival.


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