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Recommended Books | Myths and Legends of Buddhist Temples in Korea

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Author : Gyeongchan Mok
Publish : Association of Korean Buddhist Orders


This book was published as a part of the project called Promotion of Korean Buddhism Worldwide run by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Under the project, the Association of Korean Buddhist Orders has so far published 6 books on Korean Buddhist pagoda, architecture, and Ganhwa Seon practice, etc., and this is the 7th book in the list.
It introduces various episodes and hidden stories of myths and legends in the Korean traditional temples so that foreign visitors can quickly become interested and familiar with Korean Buddhism. It is the translation of the Korean book titled "들을수록 신기한 사찰 이야기 (Temple Stories that Catch My Eyes and Ears)" published in 2011.    

Table of Contents

1. Mindset for visiting Temples
2. Monastery, a Garden of Wisdom
3. Response of the Incarnated Buddhas and Bodhisattvas
4. Walking the Path of Life and Death in Buddhism 



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