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Author : Korea Buddhist Order Association
Publish : Bulkwang Publishing

Korean Buddhism is called "Hoetong" Buddhism, which means "all-encompassing" Buddhism. In Korean Buddhism, various traditions have been integrated harmoniously into a single orderly whole. The Korean Buddhist philosophy of "Hoetong" does not take one tradition to be superior to another. Nor does it exclude any particular tradition.

List of Contents

Experience! Korean Buddhism
_ Lotus Lantern Festival
_ Templestay
_ Korean Buddhism's Dharma Propagation
_ and Social Welfare Activities

01 The Uniqueness of Korean Buddhism
02 The Practice Lineage of
Korean Buddhism and Main Practices
03 Monastic Life
_ From Novice to Nirvana
_ A Day in a Mountain Temple
04 Korean Buddhist Culture
_ Meaning and Symbolism Found in Korean Temples
_ Dharma Service and Buddhist Festivals
05 Korean Buddhist Temples
_ Temple Etiquette
_ Main Korean Temples
06 The History of Korean Buddhism 

_ Korea Buddhist Order Association
_ and Four Major Buddhist Orders


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