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Author : Research Institute for Buddhist Studies
Translator : Golden Lotus Translation Center
Publish : Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism



Buddhist English

- Levels: Elementary 1, 2, Intermediate 1, 2  (total 4 volumes)

General Contents of the books
Part 1. English Conversation
Part 2. Buddhist Tenets
Part 3. The History and Culture of Korean Buddhism 

- ​Brief Introduction 

In this globalized era, the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism feels keenly the necessity of propagating Buddhist teachings and cultures in English, a globally used language. This series of books basically aim to help Buddhist monks and laypeople to better introduce about various aspects of Korean Buddhism in English to English-speaking foreigners, thus these books can be used in many different kinds of classrooms including Sangha Universities all around the world. Nonetheless, foreigners can take these books as easy references to learn about Korean Buddhism, too.


- Page : 200
- Cover : Paperback

- Publishing Date: 2012 ~ 2014
- ISBN : 9791155800324, 9791155800331, 9791155800072, 9791155800089
- Price : 16,000~20,000 (approx. $16~20)


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