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Author : Dharma Talks by Korean Seon Master Daehaeng


“Wake up! Stop being deceived by your
attachments, fears, and dualistic thinking.
The truth you are searching for already
exists everywhere in your daily life.
When you realize this, you’ll laugh until
your sides hurt at how much effort you
spent to discover that you are yourself!”

The wisdom and deep compassion of one of Korea’s foremost Seon(Zen) Masters shines throughout the five Dharma talks that comprise Wake Up and Laugh. With clear insight, Seon Master Daehaeng emphasizes the role of our fundamental mind, our Buddha-nature, across a wide range of topics from family and business problems to death and mental illness.

The act of letting go and entrusting, combined with observing and applying what we learn when we allow this letting go to happen, form the core of a spiritual practice that anyone can do, egardless of their circumstances or occupation.
In this way, people can grow spiritually, while becoming truly free and a blessing to all around them.


SIZE : 128 x188mm
PAGES :259
COVER : Paperback
ISBN : 89-955350-4-0
PRICE : U.S. $16.95

Book review from the Hanmaum Seon Center Website below: 


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