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Author : The Korean Buddhist Research Institute
Publish : Dongguk University Press

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This book is the second volume in a series of books about Korean Buddhism. Where the first volume, The History and Culture of Buddhism in Korea (1993), dealt with the evolution of Buddhism through the different periods of history, this volume is dedicated to the development of the different sects and orders of Korean Buddhist thought, such as Seon, Hwaom (Ch. Hua-yen), Cheontae (Ch. T’ien-t’ai), Miruk (Skt. Maitreya), Jeongto (Ch. Ching-t’u), and Esoteric schools.

It deals with the history, introduction to Korea, philosophy, the trends and tendencies in thinking of the people, and the expression of that thinking in culture, customs and rituals. Each chapter of the book is dedicated to one sect and all the chapters join to give a picture of the diverse, rich heritage that is known as Korean Buddhism.

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