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Korean Buddhist Books List
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55 Recommended Books A Buddha from Korea The Zen Teachings of T’aego
A Buddha from Korea is intended to open a window on Zen Buddhism in old Korea. The book centers on a translation of teachings of the great fourteenth-century Korean Zen adept known as T’aego, who was the leading representative of Zen in his own time and p
54 Recommended Books Thousand Peaks Korean Zen - Tradition and Teachers
THOUSAND PEAKS is the first comprehensive history in English of the rich tradition of Korean Seon, little known in the West but one of the few living links with the vigorous, ancient schools of Chinese Chan...
53 Recommended Books Opening the Eye
Dharma messages by Ven. SongChol, Korean Jogye Zen Master and Patriarch Translated by Brian Barry Korean Buddhist thought maintains the belief that meditation is an effective means to reaching enlightenment. Monk Song Chol is one of the meditation pro
52 Recommended Books The Whole World Is a Single Flower
More unanswerable questions from Korea, June 21, 2005 Reviewer: Paul Lynch - See all my reviews    Wow, I can’t believe that no one has ever reviewed this book; the reviews must hav
51 Recommended Books Encounter with The Beauty of Korean Buddhism Book Cultural H…
This is to introduce Korean Buddhism to English speaking foreigners. It focuses more on the value and beauty of the cultural assets that the Korean Buddhism have created during the 1,700-year-long history such as Bulguksa Temple, Sukguram, Goryeo Buddhist
50 Recommended Books Empty house Zen masters and temples of Korea
Empty House explores the origins of Korean Zen and traces its history as a living tradition up to the present day. Whilst Chinese Zen was effectively wiped out by the Cultural Revolution, the Korean tradition maintains the original vigorous teaching style
49 Recommended Books Women in Korean Zen Lives And Practices
A rare and vivid narrative of a Buddhist nun’s training and spiritual awakening. In this engagingly written account, Martine Batchelor relays the challenges a new ordinand faces in adapting to Buddhist monastic life: the spicy food, the rigorous daily sc
48 Recommended Books Korean Temple Motifs Beautiful Symbols of the Buddhist Faith
At large temple sites, there are usually small and large gatehouses from the main entrance to the temple building, with bells, pagodas, temples, images of Buddha and various decorative emblems seen here and there. Their purpose is not just limited to deco
47 Recommended Books Tracing Back the Radiance Chinul’s Korean Way of Zen
"Buswell’s linguistic ability is commendable, as is his impressive understanding of Buddhist philosophy and unflagging commitment to historic accuracy." --Journal of Asian StudiesJinul (1158-1210) was the founder of the Korean tradition of Zen.
46 Recommended Books Mind Only Essence of Zen
With so many books available in today’s spiritual supermarket offering advice and guidance, it’s hard to know what is genuine and what is not. Mind Only combines beautiful photographic images of historic Korean Temples with selected teachings, aphorisms a
45 Recommended Books Living Peace Poetic Reflections of a Korean Zen Master
Living Peace is the first English translation of Zen Master Kyunghoon Sunim’s extensive body of poetry. It contains 57 of his most loved poems, as well as insightful commentary from Zen monk Hyedang Sunim. The poems are artfully rendered into English by B
44 Recommended Books Diamond Sutra Transforming the Way We Perceive the World
In this brilliant new translation and commentary on The Diamond Sutra—one of the sublime wisdom teachings of Mahayana Buddhism—Mu Soeng integrates this ancient wisdom teaching with current scientific and psychological thought. His clear and re
43 Recommended Books No River to Cross
No River to CrossTrusting the Enlightenment that’s Always Right HereSoen Master Daehaeng, AuthorIt is often said that enlightenment means "crossing over to the other shore," that far-off place where we can at last be free from suffering. L
42 Recommended Books Meditation for Life
Meditation is more than staring at your navel. It is a way of transforming life from the inside out. Former Buddhist nun Martine Batchelor knows this from a decade spent in a Zen monastery. Combining theory and practice, Batchelor transforms her own medit
41 Recommended Books The Collected Writings of Gyeongheo
This two-volume set (A prose collection & A collection of poems) is the compiled writings of the great Seon master Gyeongheo (1846~1912). He revive the Seon meditation tradition when it was in turmoil. He established Seon meditation halls at such
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