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Korean Buddhist Books List
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32 Recommended Books Grateful Offerings: Korean Mountain Temple Cooking
This book is the 8th publication of the project, "Spreading the Korean Buddhist Culture Worldwide through the English Book Publication" that began in 2008 with the first one, "Korean Buddhism." It introduces not only the recipes of the traditional temple
31 Recommended Books YEON DEUNG HOE: Lotus Lantern Festival, The Light of a Thous…
The English edition, 『YEON DEUNG HOE: LOTUS LANTERN FESTIVAL. THE LIGHT OF A THOUSAND YEARS』 was published by the Yeondeunghoe Preservation Committee in order to promote this national Buddhist event worldwide and to guide foreign visitors to enjoy this fe
30 Recommended Books Myths and Legends of Buddhist Temples in Korea
This book was published as a part of the project called Promotion of Korean Buddhism Worldwide run by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Under the project, the Association of Korean Buddhist Orders has so far published 6 books on Korean Buddhist
29 Recommended Books Finding the True Self - Talks of the Seon Meditation Monk
Through Dharma talks, Q&A, essays on practice, and conversations with leading scholars, Master Jinje speaks with urgency and compassion about the central work of his life: finding one's true self.
28 Recommended Books Great Doubt, Great Enlightenment
Great Doubt, Great Enlightenment : The Tradition and Practice of Ganhwa Seon in Korean Buddhism
27 Recommended Books Encounter with The Beauty of Korean Buddhism Book Cultural H…
This is to introduce Korean Buddhism to English speaking foreigners. It focuses more on the value and beauty of the cultural assets that the Korean Buddhism have created during the 1,700-year-long history such as Bulguksa Temple, Sukguram, Goryeo Buddhist
26 Recommended Books The Essence of the Korean Buddhist Practices: 6 Ways to the …
The book features a six Korean Buddhist practices and the benefits one can gain by doing them: the Seon (Zen) Meditation Practice; Yeombul, the Buddha-recitation practice; mantra practice; reading and hand-transcribing sutra practice; and bowing practice.
25 Recommended Books Korean Buddhism
Korean Buddhism is called "Hoetong" Buddhism, which means "all-encompassing" Buddhism. In Korean Buddhism, various traditions have been integrated harmoniously into a single orderly whole. The Korean Buddhist philosophy of "Hoetong" does not take one trad
24 Recommended Books Hello Dharma School
English Dharma Text for children: Main Text, Workbook, Teacher's Guide, Audio CD // Highly Useful in the English Dharma School at Temples
23 Recommended Books Buddhist English
In this globalized era, the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism feels keenly the necessity of propagating Buddhist teachings and cultures in English, a globally used language. This series of books basically aim to help Buddhist monks and laypeople to better in
22 Recommended Books Wake up and Laugh
“Wake up! Stop being deceived by your attachments, fears, and dualistic thinking. The truth you are searching for already exists everywhere in your daily life. When you realize this, you’ll laugh until your sides hurt at how much effort you sp
21 Recommended Books No River to Cross
No River to CrossTrusting the Enlightenment that’s Always Right HereSoen Master Daehaeng, AuthorIt is often said that enlightenment means "crossing over to the other shore," that far-off place where we can at last be free from suffering. L
20 Recommended Books The Collected Writings of Gyeongheo
This two-volume set (A prose collection & A collection of poems) is the compiled writings of the great Seon master Gyeongheo (1846~1912). He revive the Seon meditation tradition when it was in turmoil. He established Seon meditation halls at such
19 Recommended Books Currents And Countercurrents Korean Influences On The East A…
Soon after the inception of Buddhism in the sixth or fifth century B.C.E., the Buddha ordered his small band of monks to wander forth for the welfare and weal of the many, a command that initiated one of the greatest missionary movements in world religiou
18 Recommended Books Thousand Peaks Korean Zen - Tradition and Teachers
THOUSAND PEAKS is the first comprehensive history in English of the rich tradition of Korean Seon, little known in the West but one of the few living links with the vigorous, ancient schools of Chinese Chan...
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