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Korean Buddhist Books List
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10 Recommended Books Empty house Zen masters and temples of Korea
Empty House explores the origins of Korean Zen and traces its history as a living tradition up to the present day. Whilst Chinese Zen was effectively wiped out by the Cultural Revolution, the Korean tradition maintains the original vigorous teaching style
9 Recommended Books Opening the Eye
Dharma messages by Ven. SongChol, Korean Jogye Zen Master and Patriarch Translated by Brian Barry Korean Buddhist thought maintains the belief that meditation is an effective means to reaching enlightenment. Monk Song Chol is one of the meditation pro
8 Recommended Books Korean Temples & Food
Buddhism in its original form was a highly disciplined philosophic formula for personal liberation through reunification of worldly desires, thus preventing rebirth in the endless cycle of existences, and bringing about calmness and release into Nirvana,
7 Recommended Books Smiles of the Baby Buddha
The Smiles of the Baby Buddha has been published with the idea that it might serve as a guide to both the beauty and the faults of Kyŏngju, and by extension, an introduction to Korean culture. This book also serves as a good guidebook for foreigners visit
6 Recommended Books The Whole World Is a Single Flower
More unanswerable questions from Korea, June 21, 2005 Reviewer: Paul Lynch - See all my reviews    Wow, I can’t believe that no one has ever reviewed this book; the reviews must hav
5 Recommended Books Women in Korean Zen Lives And Practices
A rare and vivid narrative of a Buddhist nun’s training and spiritual awakening. In this engagingly written account, Martine Batchelor relays the challenges a new ordinand faces in adapting to Buddhist monastic life: the spicy food, the rigorous daily sc
4 Recommended Books The Zen Monastic Experience
From Kirkus ReviewsA myth-shattering foray behind the walls of a Korean Zen Buddhist monastery. The common Western image of Zen as a religion that features unpredictable, iconoclastic teachers ``bullying their students into enlightenment’’ is, says Buswel
3 Recommended Books Seon Thought in Korean Buddhism
Book ReviewsSeon thought in the world of Korean Buddhism has played a very important role. The Seon Dharma was introduced to Korea in the late Silla Dynasty and became very influential and the main philosophy of Korean Buddhism during the middle Goryo Per
2 Recommended Books Buddhist Thought in Korea
Book ReviewsThis book is the second volume in a series of books about Korean Buddhism. Where the first volume, The History and Culture of Buddhism in Korea (1993), dealt with the evolution of Buddhism through the different periods of history, this volume
1 Recommended Books Tracing Back the Radiance Chinul’s Korean Way of Zen
"Buswell’s linguistic ability is commendable, as is his impressive understanding of Buddhist philosophy and unflagging commitment to historic accuracy." --Journal of Asian StudiesJinul (1158-1210) was the founder of the Korean tradition of Zen.
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