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The List of Contents of The Journal of the Korean Buddhist Research Institute

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The Bulgyohakbo(????, The Journal of the Korean Buddhist Research Institute) is published by Korean Buddhist Research Institute of Dongguk University(www.kbri.co.kr).

No. 1(November, 1963)
Doctrine of Chinese San-Loeun(Madhyamaka) and the Thought of Seng Lang / Kim, Ying-seuk/ 1
One Aspect of Korean Ancient Belief / Kwon, Sang-no/79
Buddhist Thought of Vow(pranidh?na) in the Songs of Silla / Kim Ki-dong/ 109
Pure Land Ideal of Kyoung Hung / Ahn, Kae-hyon/ 137
On the Financial Contribution of Monks for the Defense of Capital during the Yi-Dynasty / Woo, Joung-Sang/ 197
Critical Synthesis of the Different Arguments on the Disparition of True Law / Rhi, Ki-Young/ 229
Note on the Sa Noe Ga / Lee, Dong-lim/ 271
A Study on the Offering Practice for Monks during the Koryo-Dynasty / Lee, Jae Chang/ 287
A Study on the Establishment of the Cho-Gye Sect and on its Development / Chang, Won-gyu/ 309
Culture of the Silla-Dynasty and Buddhism / Han, Sang-ryon/ 353
Meaning of Buddha’s Prediction(Vy?kara?a) for ?hravakas in Saddharmapun?arika-s?tra / Hong, Jeung-shik/ 387
A Study on a Bronze Incense Burner of Koryo-Dynasty / Hwang, Soo-young/ 413

No. 2(December, 1963)
A Study of Po-jo / Kim, Ing-suk/ 3
Developement of Buddhist Idealism / Kim, Dong-hwa/ 43
Note on Bodhisattvabhumi Doctrine / Chang, Won-kyu/ 93
Chyu-young, its Dance and Song / Kim, Young-soo/ 133
Introduction of Lamaism into Korea / Lee, Young-bum/ 161
A Study on Expansion of Monastic Manor during the Koryo Period / Lee, Zae-chang/ 221
Buddhist Influence in Korean Classical Literature / Kim, Ki-dong/ 239
Sing-Chang’s Commentary on Suvarnaprabhasotamarajas?tra / Ahn, Kye-hyon/ 269
Extract of Buddhist Historical Materials from Sam-Guk-Sa-Gi / Lee, Zae-chang/ 221
Historical Materials on Buddhist Monasteries of Chung Chong Nam Do/ The Buddhist Research Institute

No. 3/4(December, 1966)
Cognitive Esssentials on Hinay?na Buddhism / Kim, Dong-hwa/ 3
A Principle of Rebirth in the Buddhist Elysium / Chang, Won-gyu/ 49
Note on Indian Cave Temple / Hwang, Su-young/ 85
The Korean Tripitaka and the Relationships between Korea and Japan for through a Centry from 1350 A.D / Lee, Jae-chang/ 113
A Study on Miluk-Sunhwa / Kim, Young-tai
Taoism in Korean Literature(?) / Kim, Ki-dong/ 151
On the Change of Style of Korean Stone Pagodas(continued) / Koh, Yu-sup/ 171
A Study on "Body of Buddha"(Buddhak?ya) / Rhi, Ki-yong/ 205
On Stone Pagoda of Paekche Style / Lee, Eun-chang/ 281
E.Lamotte;s "L’Enseignement de Vimalakirti" / Rhi, Ki-yong/ 325
Sing-Chang’s Commentary on Suvarnaprabhasotamarajas?tra(continued) / Ahn, Kye-hyon/ 381
Historical Materials on Buddhist / The Korean Buddhist Reasearch Institute

No.5(December, 1967)
Cognitive essentials of S?tras(1)/ Kim, Dong-hwa/ 7
The Buddhist faith and Ideology of King Chinhung of Silla / Kim, Young-tae/ 53
Wonhyo’s View of Boddhisattva??la / Rhi, Ki-young/ 85
The Thought of Three Thousands in a Mind(?????)/ Chang, Won-kyu/ 109
A Study in Korea Mask Dancing Play-before the Three Kingdom Period / Chang, Han-gee/ 161
Medodic Patterns in Buddhist Chants-especially in Hal Hyang Hap Jang Ge and Kae Ge/ Hahn, Man-young/ 215
Metaphysics and Buddhism/ Hahn, Sang-ryoen/ 239

No.6(May, 1967)
Idealism in Mah?y?n?bhidharmas/ Kim, Dong-hwa/ 7
A Study of the Vajracchedika-S?tra/ Lim, Suk-jin/ 55
Th 53 buddhas of Yu Chom Sa temple/ Hwang, Su-young/ 75
The differences of Future Life between Sukh?vati and the Kingdom of Heaven/ Won, E-bom/ 97
A Study on the Popularization of Buddhism in Silla Dynasty and Its Sprit/ Kim, Young-tae/ 145
A history of Hwa Em Sa temple/ E.U. Museum
A Bibliographical Introduction of Great Hwa-om Temple(????) of Mt. Jiri(???) in Ho-nam Do, Hae-dong

No.7(May, 1970)
The Avatar?asaka Philosophy and its Development/ by Chang, Won-kyu/ 15
The Consciousness Only Philosophies of Chinese Buddhism-Development of Vijñaptimatrata Thought(?)/ Kim, Dong-hwa/ 79
A Study of the Compilers of the Saddharmapu??ar?ka-S?tra-especially on their Self Defensive Efforts-/ Hong, Jung-shik/ 175
A Comparative Study of Buddhism and Western Rationalism/ Hahn, Sang-ryeon/ 197
Pompae as Buddhist Ritual Music / Hong, Yoon-shik/ 217
On the ’Monk’ Nangdo -A Study of the Relations between Wharangdo and Buddhism/ Kim, Young-tae/ 255
The Hsin Hsing Lun by Woon Bong/ Joh, Myong-kee

No.8(September, 1971)
A Study of Ven. Sa Myong, the Great Patriotic Monk/ Kim, Dong Hwa?Kim ,Young-tae?Mok, Chung-bae/ 15
Right and Wrong of Knowledge/ Won, E-bom/ 207
On the two truths in San-Lun(Madhyamika)studies/ Kim, In-duk/ 225
A Critical Study of Do-Jun Chung’s Repudiation of Buddhism/ Yi, Chong-ik/ 251
A Study of Buddhist Thoughts in Korean Literatures/ Kim, Ki-dong/ 305
A Study on Korean Buddhist Songs / Kim, Sung-bae/ 331
The history of Legend of Zen in India and China according to the Chodangjip/ Seo, Kyong-bo/ 371

No.9(October, 1972)
A Study of Won-Cheuk’s Consciousness Pnly Philosphy/ Hwang, Seong-kee/ 15
Bo-jo’s View on Zen and Kyo Buddhism / Yi, Chong-ik/ 67
A Study on Jum-Chal Rite of Silla and Ven. Jin-Pyo’s Buddhism/ Kim, Young-tae/ 99
On the Musics of Buddhist Scriptures/ Hong, Yoon-shik/ 137
History of Hoe-Am temple and Investigation of it’s Old Site/ Choi, Sung-bong/ 159
Chapter 24 ?ryasatyapar?k?? of Candrak?rti’s Prasannapad?: Introduction, Sanskrit Text and Korean Translation/ Chung, Tae-hyuk/ 203
Material-Original Copy
Yu Seok Jil Eui Ron(?????)/ A Collection of Dongguk University Library

No.10(August, 1973)
A Study on the Buddhist Political Thoughts(Special Edition)
?. Buddhist View of State/ Kim, Dong-hwa/ 11
?. Buddhist Views on the Politics/ Hong, Jung-shik/ 65
?. Buddhist Vies on Socio-economics/ Rhee, Jea-chang/ 97
?. Historical Examples of Buddhistic Rules/ Kim, Young-tea/ 135
A Study of the Early Chinese Hua-yen Philosophy/ Chang, Won-kyu/ 177
The No-mind Thought in the Chinese Patriarchal Zen/ Yi, Chong-ik/ 239
On Chih-tang’s Refutation of Wrong Views/ Kim, In-duk/ 271
Won-hyo’s Chinsok-wonyoong-muae(??????) Philosophy Viewed through His Studies on the Awakening of Faith/ Koh, Ik-jin/ 287
Buddhists’ Memorials to the King during the Yi Dynasty/ 323

No.11(December, 1974)
A Study on the Avata?saka Philosophy of its Consummation Period/ Chang, Won-kyo/ 11
Buddha’s Dialectical Destruction/ Won, E-bom/ 57
A Study on the Origin of ?laya-Vijñ?na/ Oh, Hyeong-geun/ 73
A Study on Sahasrahasti-Avalokite?vara Dh?ra?i/ Chung, Tae-hyuk/ 103
The N?ga Thoughts of Silla Buddhism / Kim, Yeong-tae/ 155
On Buddhist Literature/ Kim, Woon-hak/ 155
A Study on Choe Chuk Cheon/ Kim, Ki-dong/ 177
Pahers Presented to the Seminar on the Vajracchedik? jointly sponsored by Dongguk and Daisho University/ 193

No.12(November, 1975)
Kim Choo-Sa’s Buddhist Thought Viewed from His Answer to Ven. Baek-pa/ Yi, Chong-ik/ 11
On the Philosophical Background of the Pure-land Buddhim/ Chung, Tae-hyuk/ 33
Pure-land Thoughts of Silla Dynasty/ Kim, Yeong-tae/ 61
Practice and its Attainments in the Vijñ?na-v?da System/ Oh, Hyoung-gun/ 79
Tantristic Structure of the Korean Buddhist Rites/ Hong, Yoon-shik/ 101
The Conception of ’Compassion’ in the 3rd Chapter of the Lotus-s?tra and in the Eumenides/ Kim. Chang ho/ 125
A Study on the Korean Zen-tea/ Kim, Woon-hak/ 153
A Study on the Excessive Circulation of Chieh-huan’s Commentary on the Lotus- s?tra in Korea/ Kph, Ik-jin/ 171
Report of the Buddhist Wood Printing Plates preserved in Kyounggi and Kwnagwon Provinces/ Hong, Jung-shik?Lee, Jae-chang?Mok, Chung-bae?Koh, Ik-jin?Kwon, Ki-chong

No.13(November, 1976)
The Great Hua-Yen master Fa-Tsang’s Thoughts(?)/ Chang, Won-gyu/ 11
A Study of Monks ’Kap-Kye’ Guild of Yi Dynasty/ Rhee, Jae-chang/ 39
Kwan-Yin Thoughts of Silla dynasty/ Kim, Young-tae/ 63
Sun-Myo’s Story and its Influence on Japan / Kim, Woon-hak/ 87
Hadron interaction and Hua-Yen philosophy/ Kim, Yong-jeong/ 103
Won-Cheuk’s Vijñ?na Thoughts/ Oh Hyoung Gun/ 133
Compilation of the Yooshim-Anrak-Do and its Background/ Koh, Ik-jin/ 153
Origin of Do-Sun’s Geometric Thoughts/ Suh, Yoon-kil/ 171
Pure-land Thoughts in the Korean Buddhist Rites/ Hong, Yoon-shik/ 191
Korean Buddhists Historical Materials in the Foreign Works/ 207

No. 14(August, 1977)
Influence of Buddhist Thoughts on Koryo Dynasty’s Efforts to get over the National Crises
?. Development of Koryo Buddhist Thoughts for the Protection of Nation(part?)/ Hong, Jung-shik/ 11
?. Development of Koryo Buddhist Thoughts for the Protection of Nation(part ?)/ Koh, Ik-jin/ 33
?. Buddhist Faith and Rituals held by Kings/ Kim, Young-tae/ 61
?. Buddhist Rituals held to Pray for the Protection of Nation/ Suh, Yoon-kil/ 89
?. Buddhist monks’ Patriotic Activites/ Rhee, Jae-chang/ 123
The Great Hua-Yen master Fatsang’s Thoughts(?)/ Chang, Won-kyu/ 133
Publication and Distribution of the Sunga-Kugam by Ven. Suh-San/ Woo Chung-sang/ 161
A Study on the Reading in Buddhist Chiness Classics edited by Ven. Han Yong-Woon/ Kim Sung-bae/ 173
Words, Sense-Perception, and Ultimate Reality in Indian Logic/ Won, E-bom/ 185
Transmission of Prajñ? Thoughts into China/ Kim, In-duk/ 203
On the Introduction to Zen by Wol-Chang/ Lee, Young-ja/ 223
Source Materials
Materials on Korean Buddhism extracted from Chinese Works/ 241

No. 15(August, 1978)
Doctrinal trend of Avata?saka School in its Conservative period/ Chang, Won-kyoo/ 11
A Study of Buddhist Devas of Silla/ Kim, Young-tae/ 43
?akta-Devendra Faith of Koryo/ Suh, Yoon-kil/ 79
Ven. Yo-Se’s White-lotus Movement and its Doctrinal Cause/ Koh, Ik-jin/ 109
The Meaning of Buddhism in Korean Modern Society/ Won, E-bom/ 121
A View of the Technology in Korean Buddhist Folk Song/ Kim, Jang-ho/ 139
On the Nature and Realization of Educational Affection/ Park, Sun-young/ 155
A Study on the Integration(?) Thought in Korean Buddhism:
? Won-hyo’s Integration Thoughts/ Kim Woon-hak/ 173
? Seung-rang’s Integration Thoughts/ Kim hang-bae/ 183
? Won-chuek’s Integration Thoughts/ Oh, Hyong-keun/ 199
? Eui-chun’s Integration Thoughts/ Lhee, Yong-ja/ 219
? Bo-jo’s Intefration Thoughts/ Song, Suek-ku/ 235
? Seo-san’s Integration Thoughts/ Kwon, Ki-jong/ 255
? Han yong-woon’s Integration Thoughts/ Mok, Jung-bae/ 265
Materials on Korean Buddhism extracted from Japanese works/ 281
A List of the Total Contents of the Bul Gyo Hak Bo(Vol.1?Vol.14)/ 396

No.16(December, 1979)
Hua-yen master Kuei-feng’s Thoughts and following Six(2-shei 4-chia) Scholars’ Revitalization of Hua-yen School/ Chang, Won-kyu/ 5
A Historical Survey of the Formation of Korean Buddhist Schools/ Yi, Chong-ik/ 29
On the So-called ’5-Kyo 9-San(????)’ of Koryo Dynasty Buddhism/ Kim, Young-tae/ 59
On the Buddhist Poem of ’Shib-woo song’/ Kim, Woon-hak/ 79
A Study of the Buddhist Ordination Rite-khanda/ Mok, Jung-bae/ 99
Philosophical Tradition of White-lotus’ Movement and Some Problems of Ven. Chun-chek’s Authorship/ Koh, Ik-jin/ 119
On Ven. Kuei‘s Thought on the Classification of Buddhist Doctrines/ Oh, Hyung-gun/ 169
The Work of ’Chin-pei luen’ and ’Asattva-buddhahood’ Thoughts/ Kim, Young-gil/ 187
Structure and Significances of the Tantric Rite of ’Anuttara-yoga-homa Viddhi’/ Chung, Tae-hyuk/ 205
The Samguk yoo-sa and Buddhist Rites/ Hong, Yoon-shik/ 221
Logical and Modernistic Interpretation of ’Bodhi’ for the Establishment of Modern Korean Buddhology/ Won, E-bom/ 247
A Research into Logical Methodology for the Development of Korean Buddhist Studies/ Kim, Yong-jeong/ 265
A List of Korean Buddhist Works from Japanese Sources/ Kim, Young-tae/ 293

No.17(December, 1980)
Historical Meaning of Ven. Kyoon-yo’s work Bobgye-do-ki/ Yi, Chong-ik/ 11
A Study of Ven. Won-hyo through his Life Stories/ Kim, Young-tae/ 33
A Study of Won-hyo’s Thoughts in the Light of Vijñ?na-v?da/ Oh, Hyung-gun/ 77
Doctrinal differences between Thang kuei-chi and Silla Won-cheuk(?)/ Shin, Hyon-sook/ 113
The Samguk-yu-sa History and Stupas/ Hong, Yoon-shik/ 129
Ven. Chun-chek’s Tien-tai Thoughts/ Yi, Young-ja/ 151
The Aspect of Faith in the chapter ? ’Up?lya-kau?alya’ of Lotus-s?tra/ Kim, Young-gil/ 167
Complementary Historical Materials Collected from Works outside Korea/ 183
An Introductory Essay and Original text of the Chung-taegbob-boweun-moon/ Kkoh, Ik-jin/ 288

No. 18(September, 1981)
Upeksa and Asa?viditakop?disth?n?/ Won, E-bom/ 11
A Study of the Tantric Character of Korean Buddhism / Chung, Tae-hyuk/ 23
A Historical Survey of Korean Buddhist Sa?gha Education/ Lee, Ji-kwan/ 61
Ven. I-sang of Silla Dynasty viewed from Tales/ Kim, Young-tae
A Study of Antar?-bhava in H?nay?n?bhidharmas/ Oh, Hyong-keun/ 95
Buddhist Paintings of Korea and Japan/ Hong, Yoon-sik/ 123
Source Materials
A Catalogue of Korean Stupas/ Kim, Hi-kyung/ 151
Introduction to the Newly Published Source Materials

No.19(September, 1982)
Baek-jae’s Chungkwaneum-sutra faith and its transmission into Japan/ Kim, Yeong-tae/ 11
A Study on the Buddhist rite, Gandang-jakbeob/ Yi, Ji-kwan/ 49
Practice in Tanrism and Achievement of Yoga/ Chung, Tae-hyuk/ 67
Japan’s Policy toward Korean Buddhism during her Colonial Rule/ Suh, Kyong-soo/ 87
Main Thoughts and Logical form in the Madhyama-k?rika/ Kim, In-duk/ 113
A Study on the Name and Basis of Manan?-vijñ?na/ Oh, Hyong-keun/ 153
Characteristics of I-chon;s Catalogue/ Yi, Young-ja/ 179
A Study on the Zen Thoughts of Master Hye-shim/ Kwon, Ki-jong/ 201
Development and Characteristics of Koryo Tantric Buddhism/ Suh, Yoon-kil/ 219
Historical Meaning of Shilla’s Monk Administration/ Chae, In-hwan/ 241
On the Three-kingdom Period Stone Buddha Image unearthed at Chungwon bijoong-ri/ Chae, In-hwan/ 241
A Study on the Korean Buddhist Wood cuct Prints(?)/ Jang, Choong-sik/ 275
Buddhist View on the Human Nature/ Song, Suk-ku/ 307
The Chijang-bosal Faith and Practice in Silla Dynasty/ Jung, Byong-jo/ 327
Religious Faith Expressed in the Buddhist Paintings of Early Yi-dynasty/ Hong, Yoon-sik/ 345

No. 20(September, 1983)
Position of the Avan?saka-s?tra in Korean Buddhism/ Lee, ji-kwan/ 11
Prince Him-sung of Baekje Dynasty and Transmission of Myo-hyon Faith to Japan/ Kim, Young-tae/ 45
A Study on Ven. Tae-hyon of Shilla Dynasty/ Chae, In-hwan/ 85
A Study on Tantric Thoughts of Yi Dynasty/ Suh, Yoon-kil/ 109
On the ??ra?gama Dha?a?i/ Chung, Tae-hyok/ 143
Acceptance of Buddhism in Early Modern Korean Poems/ Kim, Jang-ho/ 213
Source Material
A Comprehensive List of Korean ?ariras and Stupas/ Kim, Hi-kyong/ 235

No.21(October, 1984)
An Analytic Study of Wonhyo’s Work Panbiryang ron(criticism of inference)/ Won, E-bom/ 11
Baek-jae Buddhism viewed from Japanese sources/ Kim, Young-tae/ 27
A Study on Ven. Tae-hyon of Shilla dynasty(?)/ Chae, In-hyan
The Theory of San-lun School on the Middle-way Buddha-hood/ Kim, In-duk/ 85
A Study on the Maitreya Thought/ Oh, Hyong-keun/ 123
Appearance of the Chowon-tongrok chwal-yo and it’s historical value/ Koh, Ik-jin/ 157
Ven. Taegak’s View on the Consciousness-only Philosophy/ Lee, man/ 175
Buddhist Influence over Middle-age Mathematics/ Chung, Ji-ho/ 189
The Text of Chowon-tongrok chwal-yo/ 262

No.22(October, 1985)
A Study on the Zen lineage of Yi Dynasty/ Kim, Young-tae/ 11
A Study on Ven. Tae-hyon of Shilla Dynasty(?)/ Chae, In-hwan/ 45
Han, Yong-un’s Assertion of the Separation of Religion from Politics/ Suh, Kyung-soo/ 63
Chi-tsang’s Theory of Vegetation Enlightenment / Kim, In-duk/ 81
Chi-tsang’s View on the Practice of Zen and Amita-faith/ Yi, Ji-kwan/ 97
Bakti-yoga in the Bhagavad-gita and its Influence on Pure-land Buddhism/ Chung, Tae-hyuk/ 123
Buddhist Influence on the Traditional Ethics in Korea/ Kim, Jin-hwan/ 145
A Study on Geomorphic and Geological Location of Ancient Korean Temples/ Kim, Joo-hwan/ 171
Ji-wom’s Zen Thoughts and Doctrinal Lineage viewed from New Materials/ Koh, Ik-jin/ 203
A Zen text of Yom-song hwa-chok Newly Discovered/ 213

No.23(November, 1986)
Some Problems related to the Introduction of Buddhism into Koguryo/ Kim, Young-tae/ 11
A Study on Ven. Jin-pyo of Shilla Dynasty/ Chae, In-hwan/ 35
A Study on Ma?o-vijñ?na of Vijñ?na school/ Oh, Hyong-keun/ 69
Background and Characteristics of Ven. Jae-kwan’s Work Tientai ssuchiao-i/ Lee, Young-ja/ 111
On Non Duality of ?ura?gama-samadhi and Aura?gama-dha?a?i/ Chung, Tae-hyok/ 141
Background of Hui-ssu’s Tien-tai Thoughts / Kim, Young-kil/ 165
Ven. Tha-hyon’s Vijñ?na-v?da Thoughts quoted in Japanese Works/ Lee, man/ 185
Life Science and Buddhism/ Yoon, Joo-ok/ 205
Acceptance of Pure-land Thoughts by Ven. Po-jo’s Zen Linage/ Koh, Ik-jin/ 229
A New Source Material related to the Pure-land Thoughts of Yi dynasty:
(i) Bulsol-keumsa-ron
(ii) Yombul inyu-bobmoon

No.24(December, 1987)
The Introduction fo Peak-jae Buddhism into Japan/ Kim, Young-tae/ 11
A Study on Ven. Chin-pyo of Shilla Dynasty(?)/ Chae, In-hwan/ 37
The Development of Hua-yen Thoughts in the First Half of the Unified Shilla and its Effects/ Koh, Ik-jin/ 59
The Historical Position of Shilla Yog?c?ra Thought/ Hong, Yoon-shik/ 141
Sam?tha-Vip??yan? Thought of Liu-tsu-luen/ Oh, Hyong-keun/ 165
Hui-ssu’s View of the Degenerate Age/ Kim, Young-kil/ 197
Original Acceptance of Buddhism and its Development in Korea/ Lee, Bong-choon?Kwon, Than-joon?Lee, Jae-chang?Lee, man
The Problem of Modern Society and Humanity viewed from Buddhism/ Chung, Tae-hyok/ 343
Life Science and Buddhism/ Kim, Yong-jeong/ 385

No.25(November, 1988)
Wonhyo’s Commentary on the Vajrasamadhi-sutra Written in Shilla Dynasty/ Kim Young-tae/ 11
A Study on Ven. Jin-pyo of Shilla Dynasty(?)/ Chae In-hwan/ 39
A Study on Vijnana-vada Thought of Won-cheuk of Shilla/ Oh Hyong-keun/ 65
The Development of Hua-yen Thoughts in the First Half of the Unified Shilla Period and its Influence(?)/ Koh Ik-jin/ 107
Doctrinal Differences Between Tang Kuei-chi and Shilla Won-cheuk/ Chin Hyon-sook/ 189
A Study on the Year of Buddha’s Death/ Yun Pyong-shik/ 201
A Synthetic Study on the Financial Contribution of Monks for Defense of Capital During Yi/ Dynbsty-Kim Dap-ju/ 225
Some Restorations of Materials Related to Pure Land Thought of Shilla/ Chang Hwi-ok/ 261

No.26(November, 1989)
A Study on the Aspect of Self-salvation in Avalokitesvara-faith/ Kim Young-tae/ 11
The Formation of Zen Thought and its Development(?)/ Chae In-hwan/ 31
The Relation Between Zen and Pure Land in Korean Buddhism/ Kwon Ki-jong/ 73
The Principle of Self-salvation and Salvation By Faith in Ho-nen’s Pure Land Teaching/ Kiyohiko Fujimoto/ 93
An Introduction to the Pure Land Thought of Tibetan Buddhism/ Shunzp Onoda/ 101
A Study on the View of Matter of Abhidharma Buddhism(?)/ Oh Hyong-keun/ 109
Eui-sang’s View of Sunyata According to His Pop-kye-to-ki/ Shin Hyon-sook/ 145
The Pure Land Faith as Manifested in Avatamsaka-sutra/ Lee Haeng-koo/ 181
An Annotative Study on Jwa-son-eui Written by Ven. Jong-saek/ Choi Chang-shik/ 199
A Research into the Inscripions on Buddhis Monuments of Three Kingodms Period/ Kim Young-tae/ 233
Ka-ram-ko(A Study on the Korean Buddhist Temples)-(A Copy)/ 261

No.27(November, 1990)
The Introduction of Buddhism into Karak and its Development/ Kim Young-tae/ 23
The Vinaya-Thought of Koguryo Buddhism / Chae In-hwan/ 65
A Study on the View of Matter ot Abhidharma Buddhism(?)/ Oh Hyong-keun/ 103
Mahayana Buddhism and the Development of Sunyata-Thought/ Shin Hyon-sook/ 167
The Shilla Buddhist Works Quotated in the Commentaries Related to Fa-shiang/ Lee Man/ 185
A Study on the Text of Yu-shim-an-rak-do Owned by Rai-go-in/ Han Tae-shik/ 205
The Characteristics and Background of the Argument Against Buddhism in Late Koryo/ Lee Jong-ik/ 237
A Research into the Inscriptions on Buddhist Monuments of the First Half of the Unified Shilla/ Kim Young-tae/ 275
A Comparison of the Yu-shim-an-rak-do with Several Other Texts/ Han Bo-kwang/ 321

No.28(November, 1991)
The Vinaya-Thought of Paekche Buddhism/ Chae, Taek-soo/ 29
Ksitigaribha’s Position in the Vajrasamadhi-sutra/ Kim, Young-tae/ 75
Yogacara View of Matter/ Oh, Hyong-keun/ 95
Korean Buddhism and Traditional Culture/ Hong, Yun-shik/ 121
The Shilla Buddhist Works Guotated in the Commentaries Related to Fa-hsiang/ Lee Man/ 137
A Study on Original Seon View/ Choi, Hyun-gak/ 155
A Reflection of Ven. Kyong-heung’s Life/ Han, Tae-shik/ 187
An Analysis of the Ten Faults of Studying Hua-t’ou Zen/ Choil, Seong-ryol/ 215
Sutrakara Vasubandhu and Abhidharmika Samghabhadra’s View of Abhidharma/ Kwon, Oh-min/ 237
The Confucian Politics and Policy Against Buddhism in the Reign of King Seongjong of Choseun Dynasty/ Lee Bong-choon/ 259
A Perspectice on the History of Formation of Chosen Zen Sect/ Okimoto,Katsmi/ 291
A Historical Study on the Fa-tsang’s One-vehicle Thought/ Yosiz, Yosihide/ 303
On the Hukushiu Taian’s Shinshinki Recently Discovered/ Isisy, Shuto/ 319
A Research into the Inscriptions on Buddhist Monuments of the Latter Half of the Unified Shilla/ Kim, Young-tae/ 351
A Chronological Table of Shilla Buddhism/ Chae, In-hwan/ 485

No.29(November, 1992)
The Sila-Vinaya Thought of Shilla Buddhism (?)/ Chae, in-Hwan / 41
The Study on Time in Buddhism/ Oh, hyong-keun/ 67
The Five negations throught the Examination of the Five views in the Madhyamaka karikas andtheir Commentaries/ Kim, In deok/ 87
Zen Master Euilim in Shilla and his Tantra Thought Suh, Yoon-kil/ 115
Ven. Tao Sheng’s Writing of the Lotus Sutra/ Kim, Young-gil/ 143
The Compartive Study on pure Land Thought of Muryang Soo Gyong Jong Yo and Yoo Shim An lark Doby Wonhyo/ Shin, hyun-sook/ 159
The Problem of King Menandros’ Conversion to Buddhism/ Yoon, Byong-shik/ 185
On Ten Disciplines of Buddhism and Christianity/ Jo, Yong-kil/ 205
Commentaries on Dharma-lakasana and Writings in Shilla (?)/ Lee man/ 239
A Study on Inference (anumana) in the School of Buddhist Logic/ Lee, Ji-soo/ 253
An Essay on Seon Materials (?)/ Choi, hyun-gak/ 279
On the Background of Formation in Faith Association/ Han, Bo-kwang/ 301
A Study on Letters Offering a Prayer by Master Eui Sang/ Jeon, Hae-joo/ 327
Charters on Oppression of Buddhism in Yeonsan and it’s effect/ Lee, Bong choon/ 355
Dispute on Proprietary Rights Regarding Monk’s Land in the Middle of 17 Century/ Kim, kap-joo/ 377
Oh Bulhoi Sang Do Owned by Shimlyun Sa/ Hong, Yoon-sik/ 397
An Essay on Exploration of Buddhism Relics in Monglolia/ Jung, Myung-ho/ 415
The Fundamental Thought of Seon Moon Bo Jang Lok/ Han, Ki-doo/ 427
A Study on the Historical Background of the Tathagathtagarbha Theory/ Lee, Phong-rae/ 445
On the Ten Belief in Wondon Sung Bullon/ Choi, Seong-ryul/ 471
Sautrantika’s Explication on the Causality of Acts/ Kwon, Oh-min/ 495
The Problem of Moticvism and Consequentism in Buddhist Kamma-vada/ Park, Kyong-joon/ 521
Kwang Duk and Eum Jang’s Tales of Going after Death to Pure Land in Shilla and Wonhyo/ Jang, Hee-ok/ 541
Facts on Spreading Dharma over Three Countries of Flourishing Dharma in Samgookyusa/ Kim, Young-tae/ 551

No.30(December, 1993)
The Historicity and Meaning of Ven. Bowoo’s Religious Martyrdom/ Kim, Young tae/ 5
A Study of Vinaya Thoughts in Shilla Buddhism(?)/ Chae, In hwan/ 23
An Interprotation of the Threefold-suchness Gatha in the Chung-lun-shu/ Kim, In deok/ 45
The Doctrinal Thought of Wonhyo: with Special Reference to the Fourfold Doctrinal Classification/ Shin, Hyun Sook/ 63
A Study of the Formation of Early Buddhist Scriptures/ Yun, Byun sook/ 85
The Idea of Dharma-kaya Buddha in the Avatamsaka-sutra/ Lee, Heng ku/ 123
The Types and Roles of Faith Fratermity/ Han, Bo kwang/ 159
The Religious Understanding of the Avatamsaka-sutra/ Kwon, Tan joon/ 193
The Probleum of Ideologie From the Early Perspective/ Park, Kyoung joon/ 223
The Nature-origination Thought in Chinese Hua-yen Buddhism/ Chang, Kye hwan/ 241
The Buddhistic Horizon in the Transplantation From Internal Organs of the Person in the State of Brain Death and its Implicationg Meaning for Education/ Park, Sun young/ 263
A Study of Chuckjirang in King Housho Period/ Hong, Ki sam/ 321
A Theory of Perception in the Buddhist Logical School: Korean Translation and Notes on the First Chapter of the Tarkabhsa/ Lee, ji soo/ 349
Restorations of the Ch’eng-wei-shih -lun in Shilla period/ Lee, man/ 375
Restorations of the Commentary on the Srimala-sutra/ Kim, Sang hyun/ 445

No.31(December, 1994)
The Significance of the Biography of Kyunyo and its Problem/ Kim Young tae/ 5
A Study of Vinaya Theought in Shilla Buddhism/ Chae, In hwan/ 29
The Philosophy of Nothingness on the Avatamsaka-sutra/ Shin, Hyun-sook/ 63
The Idea of Dharmakaya Buddha in the Avatamsaka-sutra/ Lee, Haeng-ku/ 81
An Understanding of Personlity in Korean Buddhism/ Cho, Hyun-kak/ 113
The Fraternity of Chanting Buddha During the Ten Thousand Days in Shilla and Koryo Period/ Han, Bo-kwang/ 133
A Study of Hua Theory of the Sixfold Laksana/ Chun, Ho-ryun/ 159
A Controversy on Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism in China/ Chang, Ae-soon/ 193
The Buddhistic Approach to Problems of Parental Education in Korea/ Park, Sun- young/ 217
The Literary Meaning of the Ta-t’ang-hsi-yu-chi and the Wang-wu-t’ien chu-kuo-ch’uan/ Lim, Ki-chung/ 249
On the Chapter Three of the Madhyanta-vibhanga-sastra: with Special Reference to Sthiramati’s Commentary/ Lee, Ji-soo/ 277
List of Articles in the Bul Gyo Hak Bo(Vol.1?Vol.30)

No.32(December, 1995)
The Problems of Practicing Monk and Labor Monk I Chosun Dynasty/ Kim. Young tae/ 5
Wonhyo’s Mahayana Thought and the Sevenfold Greatness nature/ Oh, Hyong-keun/ 21
A Study of the Wonhyo’s Vinaya Thoughts/ Chea, In hwan/ 51
A Study of the Formation of Early Buddhist Scriptures?/ Yun, Byong shik/ 85
A Study of Bodhisattva’s Thought in the avata?saka-sutra/ Lee, haeng ku/ 125
The Fraternity of Chanting Buddha During the then Thousand Days in Chosun Dynasty/ Han Bo kwang/ 165
The Doctrine of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva’s Vows in Chinese Hua-yen Buddhism/ Chang, Ae soon/ 195
The M?dhyamika Interpretation on the Problem of Common Essense in Unitive Religious Pluralism/ Kim, Yong pyo/ 221
Problems of Gender Discrimination in the Vinaya-pitaka/ Shin, Sung Hyun/ 243
On the Catv?ri sm?ty-upasth?n?ni in Abhidharma-Buddhism/ Choi, Bong soo/ 261
Buddhist Implements of Shoso-in and their Maker/ Choi, Jai seuk/ 289
A Study on the Waterscape in Korean Traditional Temples/ Hong, Kang pyo/ 303

No.33(December, 1996)
A Study of Wonchuk’s Mahayana Practicm and Punya/ Oh, Hyong keun/ 5
A Study of Mind-only Thought in the Avatamsaka-sutra/ Lee, Heang ku/ 33
The Fraternity of Chanting Buddha During the Ten Thousand Days at Kyunbong Temple/ Han, Bo kwang/ 73
A Study of The Apocryphal Sutras in Chiness Writings/ Chang, Ae soon/ 119
The Madhyamika Critique of the Onfological and Cosmological Arguments for the Existence of God/ Kim. Yong pyo/ 139
Problems of Devadatta’s Destruction of Sangha/ Shin, Sung Hyun/ 163
On the Bhavana-marga of Primitive Buddhism in the Panca Vismasatisahasrika prajna-prajna-paramita sutra/ choi, bong soo/ 187
A Study on the Characteristic Showed in the Loctaion of Haein Temple, Gaya Mountain/ Hong, Kang pyo/ 209
How to Read Hyecho’s Wango-chonchuk-kukggon/ Hwang, Shi jian/ 229
A Collection of the Do-shin-jang/ Kim, Sang hyun/ 273

No.34(December, 1997)
The Time of Marking In-hyunuie Buddha Statue in Koguryo Kingdom/ Kim, Young tae/ 21
The Salvation of Sentient-being by Practicing Prajnaparmita/ Kim in deok/ 41
The Anti-abhidharma Attitude and Thoughts of the Primitive Mahayana Buddhism/ Kwon, Kee jong/ 61
The Fratemity of Chanting Buddha Durning the Ten Thousand Days in Modern / Period/ Han, Bo kwang/ 79
A Study of Paticcasamuppada Thought in Avatamsaka-sutra/ Lee, Haeng ku/ 115
Dharmakirti’s Crtique on Relation with Reference to Sambandha-pariksa/ Lee, ji soo/ 175
A Study of Formation Process and Translation Materials on Surangama Sutra/ Choe, Chang sik/ 201
A Study of Chan-yuan-zhu-guan-ji-dou-xu ?/ Jeon, Hae joo/ 225
The Translation of Sutra and It’s Character in the Period of South and North/ Jang, Ae soon/ 251
The Formation and Development on Transmission of Son-jong ?/ chung, sung bon/ 277
The Relation Between the Buddhist Samga and Nations in the Primitive Buddhism/ Shin, Sung hyun/ 311
A Study of Bodhisattva’s Four-rank in Prajnaparamita-sutras/ Choi, Bong soo/ 329
The Faith and It’s Development of Jin-pyo’s Ksiti-garbhah Bodhisattva in Shilla Dynasty/ Hong, Yoon sik/ 351
The New Materials of Chiness Stone Lanterns/ Jung, Myung ho/ 367
A Study on the Transformation of Spatial Pattem and Inherent Meaning of Hwangryong-sa/ hong, kwang pyo/ 383
A Study on the Path of Practiclein the Avatamsaka-sutra/ Kwon, Tan joon/ 403

No.35(December, 1998)
The Origin of the Korean Hwa Du/ Choi, Hyun-gak/ 5
A View of Master Pojo’s Pure Land/ Han, Bo-kwnag/ 27
Thoughts on Vijnaptimatrata of Master Paekpa in the Late Choson Dynasty/ Lee, man/ 55
An Understanding of the ?trimsika-karkika? According to the Sthiramati’s ?bhasya?/ Lee, Ji-soo/ 69
The Real Men in the Son Buddhism/ Chung, Sung-bon/ 97
A Study on the Buddhist View of Labor/ Park, Kyoung-joon/ 129
Philosophical Characters of Peiwei Buddhism History/ Chang, Kye-hwan/ 149
Ch’an Thought of Fekito Kisen/ Kang, Mun-sun/ 167
’The Death of the Author’ and Buddhist Hermeneutics/ Kim, Ho-seong/ 187
A Study on the Rule of Prohibiting Meats/ Shin, Sung-hyun/ 207
On the Nirvana in Primitive Buddhism / Choi, Bong-soo/ 227
The Interprotative Problems of Vijnaptimatra and the Solution/ Kim, Sa-up/ 247
A Study of Syncretic Process in Buddhism with Old Korean Folk Belief/ Choe, Chong-sok/ 269

No.36(December, 1999)
A Study of Seon School Aspects on Enlightenment/ Choi, Hyun-gak/ 5
The View of Master Wonmyo Yose’s Pure Land/ Han, Bo-kwang/ 19
The Rise, Development and Decline of the Order of Indian Buddhism ?/ Kim, Seon-keun/ 47
Theoughts on Vijnaptimatrata of Master Ja-ewn in the Buddhist Commentary of Shilla/ Lee, Man/ 81
Dialectical Method Presented in Nyaya-pravesa/ Lee, Ji-soo/ 97
The Certification of Enlightenment by a Seon Master/ Jung, Sung-bon/ 127
A Buddhist View of Consumptive Mass Culture/ Park, Kyoung-joon/ 151
The Opinion about Buddhism Cross over to Youngkwang that Studied out a Viewpoint of Cultural Lanscape Theory/ Hong Kwang-pyo/ 169
On the View of Ritual in the Choson-bulkyo-yushin-lon According to the Paradigm Found in the Bhagavad-g?ta and Kutadanta Sutta/ Kim Ho sung/ 197
The Study on the Several Version of the Platform Sutra/ Park, Jong ho/ 225
The Relation Between Kasyapa and Ananda in the Primitive Samgha/ Shin, Sung-hyun/ 253
The Meaning of R?pa in R?pa-skandha/ Choi, Bong-soo/ 271

No.37(December, 2000)
An Examination of the Origins of the Character JWA(?)/ Choi, Hyun-gak/ 21
The Buddhist World of Meawuldang/ Lee, Bup-san/ 39
Examination of the ’Sinjung(??)’ in Samguk-yusa/ Jeon, Hae-ju/ 59
Study on the Zhosingsi Religious Gathering in Song Dynasty/ Chang, Ae-soon
A Study on the Metal Amitabha Buddha in Silsang Templeits Enshrined Period and Background/ Moon, Myung-dae
The Scholastic Tradition of the Second Period of the San-lun School in China succeed S?ng-làng of Kokuryo Focusing on the Second Patriarch S?ng-quán and His Disciple Hui-bù/ Park, Sun-young/ 109
The Thoughts of Hinay?na Buddhism in Sam-Guk(??) Dynasty/ Lee, Man/ 125
The Analysis of Existence According to the Abhidharma-kosa with Reference to the 1st Chapter, ’Dh?tu-nirde?a’/ Lee, Ji-soo/ 147
The Buddhist Gasa and Literature of Korea/ Lim, Gi-jung/ 183
Prayer to Buddha for Eka-yana(??) wirtten by Monk Eu-sang/ Chang, Choong-sik/ 205
The Training Structure of Silent-penetration Zen/ Kim, Ho-gui/ 221
Modern Civilization, Ancient Ethics and it’s Buddhist Critique/ Shin, Sung-hyun/ 243
Incompatibility and the Proof of Buddhist Theory of Momentariness/ Woo, Je-son/ 261
Perspective of Indian Philosophy on the Christian View of God/ Lee, Geo-lyong/ 275
The Changes of Homa Rite on the Grounds of the Formation of Indian Esoteric Buddhism/ Cheong, Seong-joon/ 291
The Study of Korean Esoteric Buddhism by western Scholars/ Pol Vanden Brouke
?????????/ ???/ 315

No.38(December, 2001)
Significance and Gongan of Seon Practice / Choi, Hyun-gak/ 25
Buddhist Revivalist and their Activities in the Early Period of Cho-seon Kingdom / Lee, Bong-chun/ 43
A Study on the Vasubandhu’s Trisabh?va-nirde?a / Lee, Ji-soo/ 67
The Acceptance and Development of Mantra Practice in Early Buddhim / Ghim, Moo-saeng/ 95
The Correspondence of Karma Theories between Yoga philosophy and Buddhism / Jung, Seung-suk/ 115
Acception of Mahayana Buddhist Thoughts in Esoteric Buddhism / Jang Ik/ 145
An Instance of the Introduction of Esoterism into China / Kim, Young-duk/ 167
A Study on the Religions of Kokuryo from the Observation of Wall Paintings of Ancient Tomb / Jung, Cho-myo/ 195
A Methology of Indian Studies: Aryan and System of Cast by Thapar, Keith and Giles / Woo, Je-son/ 209
Cognition of the Value of Four-words in the ?astra of Diamond-S?tra by Vasubandhu / Kim, Ho-gui/ 281
Practice of Upaya as a Characteristic of Esoteric Buddhism / Lee, Jeong-su/ 295
A Study on the Vairocana’s Pure Land Ornamented with Lotus / Kwon, Tan-jun/ 311
The Yoga of Carya-Tantra in the Practice System of sNgags-rim / Cheong, Seong-joon/ 339

No. 39(December, 2002)
A Study on the Platinum Stone of Guardians Temple of the Four Heavenly Kings / Chang, Choong-sik/ 7
A Study on the Tath?gata-Dhyana Oriented with the Ra?k?vat?ra-S?tra and Sin-Hwoe/ Park, Jong-ho/ 25
A Study of the Dependent Arising in "the Examination of the Moved and the Not-moved" of Madhyamaka??stra/ Park, In-sung/ 53
The Analysis of the Meaning of Won-Hyo’s Pan-Bi-Ryang-Ron, Chapter 10/ Kim, Sung-chul/ 77
A Comparative Study of Renovation Movement of Korean Buddhism/ Kim, Kwang-sik/ 129
The Problem of Time and Causation in Prat?tya-samutp?da-v?da/ Gim, Mi-suk
The Discrimination between Right and Wrong on Zen-Pratice Understanding of Eka-Citta, Tath gata-Garbha, Alaya-jnapti by Won-Hyo/ Kim, Ho-gui
A Study on Chih-li’s Amitabha-Thinking of Mind-on the bass of mind/ Kim, Eun-hee
Understanding of Buddhism by Nobble Class in the Upper Period of 18th Century, Especially by Lee, Duk-soo/ Lee, Seang-su
[Theses on Seminar of the Commemoration of Publication: Historiacal materials of Buddhism in Chronicles of Chosun Dynasty]
(i) Problem and View on the History Research of Buddhsim in Chosun Dynasy/ Kim, Sang-hyun/ 265
(ii)Trend of the Appeal to the Rejection of Buddhism in the Early Dynasty of Chosun shown in Chronicles/ Lee, Bong-choon/ 273
(iii)A Meaning and Application of Korean Literature to the Historical Materials of Buddhism/ Kim, Seung-ho/ 281
[These on the seminar: Methodology of Modern Strudies of Buddhism]
(i)Methochology of Buddhist studies/ Woo, Jeson/ 299
(ii)Recent Trends of the Japanese Academic Circle on the Historical Study of the Order of Indian Buddhism/ Lee, Ja-rang/311
(iii)Methodology on the Study of Scriptures of Early Buddhism/ Hwang, Sun-il/ 325
(iv)Methodology on the Literature of Buddhism in the Academic Circle of Germanany/ Ahn, Sung-doo/ 335

No. 40(December, 2003)
Ch’oui’s Ascetic Training Method and the Essence of Zen/ Ven. Park, Jong-ho /7
A Buddhist Viewpoint of Nature/Park, Kyung-joon/29
Comparison between the Original Version and the Recitation Version of the Thousand-armed Avalokitesvara Sutra/ Kim, Ho-sung/53
A Study on Won-gwang’s Five Secular Precepts/Shin, Sung-hyun/105
Seon of Mido in Kyunghuh: Friction and Lubrication of Truth of Enlightenment and Done Traces/Ko, Young-seop /125
The Buddha’s Criticism on Brahma, God of Creator/An, Yang-gyu/ 155
Nagarjuna’s Madhyamika Thought revealed in Tri-svabhava of Hua-yen School/ Park, Sang-soo/173
On the Practices and Meanings of ila-samadha(??)/Ven. Moon, Jung-gak/199
About amatha-vipasyana(??) of Yogacara(????) and the Attributes of the Mind(???) / Kim, Chi-on / 233
The Study of Zun-shi(??)’s Wang-Sheng-Jing-Tu-Jue-Yi-Xing-Yuan-Er-Men(????????????) /Kim, Eun-hee/247
Women’s Capability and Significance of Becoming Buddha / Lee, Hyun-ok /263
The Logic of Xiong Xhi-Li’s Criticism and Acceptance of Buddhism /Kim, Je-ran /281
Lee, Neung-wha’s Historical Perspective on Buddhism /Ven. Kim, Hyo-tan/ 305
A Study of the Hangul Knowledge of Lee, Neung-wha(???) in the history of Cho shun period’s Buddhism (????????) / Ryu, Hwa-song/ 331
A Study of Chosun Dynasty Buddhism in Korea and Chosunbulguotongsa (????????) /Han, Sang-gil/349
The Kisin-jae ?????; To hold an Exhibition and a Ceremony in the First Period of Chosun-Dynasty / Sim, Hyo-seop / 365
40th Publication : Contents of BUL GYO HAK BO : No.1~No.39/384

No. 41(December, 2004)
One vehicle thoughts and theory of practice system of Uijuk in the Silla/Lee, Man/7
Framework of Jasim in Taego : deepending of mochei & withering of momgit/Ko, Young-seop/25
The Buddha’s view of gods(devas) in Vedism and Brahmanism/An, Yang-gyu/45
The T’ien-t’ai p’an chiao and its three ways of explantions about Lotus Sutra/Ji, Chang-gyu/69
HyeNeung`s merits and demerits on Zen Buddhism/Jung, Jun-ki/87
Linguistic Re-interpretation on the recitative version of ?the Thousand-armed Avalokitesvara sutra?(?????) and its Application/Kim, Ho-sung/105
The Logical System and Intent in the Idea of Zen(?) by Majo(??)/Cha, Cha-seok
A Study on the Intrinsic Value of Life and the View of Buddha Nature of Zen/Seo, Jae-yeong/179

No. 42(February, 2005)
Esoteric Influnce for Accomplishing Buddhahood of Present Body in Silla Dynasty/Suh, Yoon-kil/7
A Study on the Development of Sabhoga-kaya in Mahayna Buddhism/Cheong, Seong-joon/19
A View of Branch about Vajracchedik- praj- pramit- stra(???) by GILJANG(??)/Kim, Ho-gui/37
The Three Types of Consciousness-Only School/Kim, Je-ran/53
DaoXin?s Chan Thoughts and the Significance/Kim, Jin-moo/77
Zhuo Wu, Li Zhi’s Buddhist View? Based on Fen Shu ?/Lee, Jeong-soo/95
The Relationship between Humanbeing and Nature of Christianity and Buddhism/Yoon, Young-hae/123
A Study on the Practical Model of Buddhist Care Facility for Aging/Kwon, Kyung-yim/147
Tendency and Prospect of Modern Ecological Thoughts? Concerning with the possibility of ecological Buddhism ?/Koo, Seung-hoe/169
Current Issues of EcoBuddhism/Ryu, Sung-joo/189
The Necessity and Possibility of EcoBuddhism? Interrelation with EcoBodhisattva’s Practices ?/Choe, Chong-sok/223
The Developmental Program and Guidelines for Buddhist Ecology/Park, Kyoung-jwn/237

No. 43(November, 2005)
On The Problems of Death in Early Buddhism Lim, Seung-teak 7
Tibetan Buddhism and Shamanism Lee, Hee-jae 23
The study of neo-confucian scholars’ poems about Buddhist monks
in the middle period of Joseon Dynasty
- focusing on the poems of Park Soon and Lee Ee - Kim, Sang-il 43
A essay to the aspects and the meaning of the folk tales of Buddhism
collected in the writings in the Chosun period Park, Sang-ran 63
Zong Bing’s World-view and Artistic Thought In Terms of the Cultural
Controversies of Confucianism and Buddhism(I) Kim, Yon-jae 85
A Study of Buddhist and Ethical View on Use of Freezing
Extra-Embryo Cloning Kwak, Man-youn 111
The Improvement Plan for the Delivery System of Social Welfare
in the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism Cho, Ki-ryong 133
A Study of Formation of Emanation Body
in Esoteric Buddhism Bae, Kwan-seong 153
The Present Situation of Ethical Arguments Concerning Animal’s Moral Rights
­centered on the theory of animal liberation
and the animal’s rights theory­ Heo, Nam-kyol 171
Animal Liberation and the Buddhist Precept ’Do not Kill Sung, Shin-hyun 199
Animals’ Moral Standing Reviewed Through
the Life of Zen Masters Seo, Jae-yeong 215

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