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Evening Bell Chant (저녁종송)

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Evening Bell Chant


The evening bell chant is performed before the evening Buddhist ceremonies. The evening bell chant expresses the hope that all beings expunge all their afflictions, cultivate wisdom and arouse the Bodhi mind. It further expresses the hope that based on this wisdom and the Bodhi mind, sentient beings will be liberated from hell, attain Buddhahood and work for the salvation of all sentient beings.


Upon hearing the sound of the bell,

May all beings sever their afflictions, cultivate wisdom,

Arouse an awakened mind, be delivered from hell,

Transcend the three realms of samsara,

Attain enlightenment and save all people.



- excerpt from Buddhist English (Intermediate 2) published in 2014 by the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism


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