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Korean Seon Masters List

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Korean Seon Masters List
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15 Myori Beophui (1887~1975)
Master Beophui stands as a major star in the world of Korean Buddhist nuns (bhiksuni), serving as the first Head Master of the first meditation hall for nuns, the Gyeonseongam Hermitage at Sudeoksa, as well as instructing numerous students under her tutel
24 Nov 2005 13,280
14 Hyobong Hangnul (1888~1966)
Master Hyobong left his position as a judge in the Japanese colonial period after bestowing the death penalty on independence fighters and became a monk based on his own experience of the human suffering. Applying himself with lionhearted devotion, he ear
24 Nov 2005 11,948
13 Gyeongbong Jeongseok (1892~1982)
After serving in abbot of Tongdosa, Master Gyeongbong took the position of head master of the Hoguk Seon center at Geungnagam Hermitage where he would stay until his passing into nirvana. During thirty-year residence, he would guide the monastics and lay
24 Nov 2005 11,583
12 Jeongang Yeongsin (1898~1975)
In 1963, Master Jeongang established and propagated the Geonlip Seon Hall at Yonghwasa in Incheon. Without distinguishing between monastics and lay followers, he served as a light to all practitioners, clarifying their minds through his dharma sermons.
24 Nov 2005 13,291
11 Goam Sangeon (1899~1988)
Master Goam was the 3rd, 4th, 6th Patriarch of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism . No matter where he was, he neither set himself above others nor tried to gain attention for himself, instead, he lowered himself constantly by putting into practice direct
12 Dec 2014 10,432
10 Kusan Suryeon (1909~1983)
Spending fifteen years as the first head of the Jogye seminary at Songgwang-sa, Master Kusan devoted much his life's energy to propagating Buddhism, through such activities as the founding of the Bul-il International Seon Center. Directly or indirectly, s
12 Dec 2014 11,654
9 Toeong Seongcheol (1912~1993)
Master Seongcheol, standing as one of the most influential Seon Masters in the history of modern Korean Buddhism, through his exhaustive Seon spirit and his easily understood dharma lectures, led the common people to a deeper, broader understanding of Seo
24 Nov 2005 17,887
8 Seo-ong Sangsun (1912~2003)
Regarded as “Korea's Linji,” Master Seo-ong devoted his life's work to advocating the “True Person” (chamsaram) religious movement.
12 Dec 2014 10,009
7 Seoam Honggeun (1917~2003)
He had been a monk for sixty-eight years. Before his decease, he assembled about 100 monks and lay people from Taego Seon center and Bongam Monastery and told them, "I have nothing say. If people ask about my Nirvana poem, tell them, 'There was an old man
12 Dec 2014 11,609
6 Hyeam Seonggwan (1920~2001)
Venerable Hyeam was 10th Supreme Patriarch of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. Because of his straightforward character, he was called “a piece of bamboo” in Gayasan Mountain. He lived as a monk for 55 years, and passed away at the age of 81 while atte
01 Dec 2005 11,000
5 Cheonghwa (1923~2003)
His contribution to modern Korean Buddhism was to suggest "Seon with recollecting Buddha's name" in an atmosphere tending toward hwadu meditation. He claimed "the Buddha's name, for example Amitabha Buddha or Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, is a hwadu itself
12 Dec 2014 10,347
4 Dorim Beopjeon (1925~)
Ven. Dorim Beojeon is the 11th Supreme Patriarch of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. He was a disciple of Seon Master Seongcheol, accomplished 50 Summer Retreats at Meditation Halls in Haein-sa and Other Temples since 1952.
19 Jan 2006 15,114
3 Wondam (1926~2008/03/18)
The great Seon Master Ven. Wondam considered calligraphy as one means of practice. He was an extraordinary monk who was renowned for his calligraphy, alive with the spirit of Seon. “Sentient beings, full of sin, are not too low for me; and Buddhas, gone
13 Feb 2009 8,076
2 Seungsahn Haengwon (1927~2004)
Venerable Seungsahn received the dharma lineage from Seon Master Mangong who used to say, “The whole world is a single flower.” He was the pioneer to introduce Korean Seon to the world and was therefore revered by some as one of the four living Buddhas to
24 Nov 2005 15,320
1 Jinje (1934~)
Seon Master Jinje Seon Master Jinje was born in 1934. He took monastic ordination at 21 in 1954 under Seon master Seoku as the vocation master (eunsa Sunim) at Hainsa Temple. He resolved the gongan at 33 and wrote a song of enlightenment. He received of
27 Nov 2009 10,174
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