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Meditation Song : Bal-shim / Inspiration

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Meditation Song : Bal-shim / Inspiration

                                                 by Ven. Gyeong-heo

All of a sudden, I think everything seems to be in a dream. All historical heroes and great warriors are resting in their graves on the Northern Mountain. Regardless of riches or honors, you must cross the river between life and death. Ah-ha, my flesh is like a dewdrop hanging over a leaf, like a candle in the wind.

Buddha, the teacher of the entire universe, clearly said
"Enlighten, and become the awakened one, Buddha,
and therefore end the vicious cycle of life and death,
In the land where nothing is ever born nor destroyed,
achieve the ultimate path of everlasting joyfulness.
Each individual is expected to practice this way,
and thus all eight thousand sutras were handed down generation by generation."

If you don't practice as a human being,
it will be very difficult to get the chance to practice again;
thus let us practice.


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