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Seon Poem List
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10 At Oeo-sa Temple No dharma has root; therefore, it is created on its own. If only we could illuminate the un-created dharma, Clearly there would be no pointless struggle on the path towards enlightenment. Why toil desperately where no toil is needed? Struggling forlo 29 Jul 2015 3,963
9 Take a Good Look at Yourself Take a Good Look at Yourself by Ven. Songcheol 08 Oct 2015 3,949
8 A face without any anger A face without any anger is a genuine offering vessel, A word of peacefulness is a subtle frgrance. A clear, truthful mind without any speck of dust Is the mind of Buddha that knows no fluctuation. 29 Jul 2015 3,941
7 In Perfect Stillness In perfect stillness, A thousand embodiments manifest. In restless commotion, Not a thing exists. What is this that does not exist? Chrysanthemums bloom After the frost. 29 Jul 2015 3,935
6 A Vow by Ven. Wonhyo Now that I believe and obey The profound and subtle teachings of the vajrasamadhi, I roughly scribble some of my thoughts. I pray that these virtuous roots Spread far and wide thoughout the world And benefit all, with on one left out 29 Jul 2015 3,930
5 Eating when hungry, sleeping when tired Eating when hungry, sleeping when tired Calling on clear waters and green mountains on a whim I make myself at home either in the fishing villages Or in the roads lined with taverns 29 Jul 2015 3,908
4 Song of Enlightenment Song of Enlightenment by Master Kyong Ho 08 Oct 2015 3,643
3 No Distinction No Distinction by Seopn Master Seungsan 08 Oct 2015 3,641
2 Gates Gates by Seon Master Ven. Seung Sahn 08 Oct 2015 3,585
1 No White, No Blue No White, No Blue by Seon Master Hyo-bong 08 Oct 2015 3,486
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