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25 A deer in the wilds As a deer in the wilds, unfettered, Goes wherever it wants, A wise person, valuing freedom, Wanders alone as a rhinoceros horn. 29 Jul 2015 7,916
24 On a Clear Night In remote mountain, dense forest, empty sounds of the wind, The nocturnal air is chilly with bright moon and breeze so light. How regrettable that men, all in deep slumber, Do not know the pleasures of this beautiful clear night! 29 Jul 2015 7,524
23 Jade Forest So pure and flawless this jewl is Its roots and shoots do not change with the seasons. It is originally such; this has never left home. Foreshadowing the eons of emptiness, its leaves and stems flourish. 29 Jul 2015 7,729
22 In Perfect Stillness In perfect stillness, A thousand embodiments manifest. In restless commotion, Not a thing exists. What is this that does not exist? Chrysanthemums bloom After the frost. 29 Jul 2015 7,254
21 At Oeo-sa Temple No dharma has root; therefore, it is created on its own. If only we could illuminate the un-created dharma, Clearly there would be no pointless struggle on the path towards enlightenment. Why toil desperately where no toil is needed? Struggling forlo 29 Jul 2015 7,147
20 A Vow by Ven. Wonhyo Now that I believe and obey The profound and subtle teachings of the vajrasamadhi, I roughly scribble some of my thoughts. I pray that these virtuous roots Spread far and wide thoughout the world And benefit all, with on one left out 29 Jul 2015 7,211
19 Last year's Poverty was not Real Poverty Last year's poverty was not real poverty This year's poverty is real Last year, there was no ground wherein to plunge an awl This year, not even the awl remains 29 Jul 2015 7,337
18 The Mind-ground gives birth to Seeds The mind-ground gives birth to seeds And due to particulars further gives birth to principle When the fruit is matured and the bodhi perfect The flower opens and the world is produced 29 Jul 2015 7,353
17 There is no mind and nothing to be attained There is no mind and nothing to be attained. If you say you have attained it, that it is not called Dharma. If you realize the mind is not mind, For the first time you understand the mind and mind-Dharma. 29 Jul 2015 7,446
16 The Mind Follows the Revolutions of the Percepts The mind follows the revolutions of the percepts, But where they revolve in reality is obscured. By following the flow of the percepts, One can recognize and attain their nature Which has neither joy nor grief. 29 Jul 2015 7,467
15 Where can I find Amitabha Buddha? Where can I find Amitabha Buddha? Keep this question always in mind and never forget When all thought is exhausted and you reach the state of non-thought Red golden light will gush from your six sensory gates 29 Jul 2015 7,606
14 A Piece of Mind Arises from a Cup of Tea A piece of mind arises from a cup of tea A piece of mind is in the cup of tea Please drink this cup of tea One sip will bring about immeasurable joy 29 Jul 2015 7,845
13 Flowers Smile at the Rain on the Doorstep Flowers smile at the rain on the door step Pines sing to the wind passing the balustrade Why bother to seek marvelous teachings? This is the teaching that penetrates true nature 29 Jul 2015 7,563
12 Blue Mountain Tells Me Blue mountain tells me to live in silence Blue sky tells me to live in purity To let go of anger and to let go of greed To live like the water and to live like the wind 29 Jul 2015 7,742
11 The light of the lonely mind of the full moon The light of the lonely mind of the full moon Has engulfed all things; When both light and object are fogotten What is this again? 29 Jul 2015 8,050
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