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Seon Poem List
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40 The Complete and Sudden Attainment of Buddhahood The Complete and Sudden Attainment of Buddhahood by National Master Bojo Jinul 08 Oct 2015 9,329
39 The Range and the Value of the "I" The Range of the "I" by Seon Master Kusan 08 Oct 2015 8,766
38 Enlightenment Poem Enlightenment Poem by Seon Master Hahn Am 08 Oct 2015 7,848
37 Good Time Good Time by Seon Master Kyong-bong 08 Oct 2015 7,602
36 No Distinction No Distinction by Seopn Master Seungsan 08 Oct 2015 7,645
35 No White, No Blue No White, No Blue by Seon Master Hyo-bong 08 Oct 2015 7,270
34 Song of Enlightenment Song of Enlightenment by Master Kyong Ho 08 Oct 2015 9,051
33 Gates Gates by Seon Master Ven. Seung Sahn 08 Oct 2015 7,132
32 Take a Good Look at Yourself Take a Good Look at Yourself by Ven. Songcheol 08 Oct 2015 7,474
31 The Ferryboat and the Wayfarer The Ferryboat and the Wayfarer by Han Yongun 08 Oct 2015 7,641
30 Every Day is a Good Day In the spring, the flower blooms. In the autumn, the moon is bright. In the summer, there is a cool breeze. In the winter, the snow falls. When the mind is not filled with useless thoughts, it is always the right season. 16 Sep 2015 8,078
29 Poem of Enlightenment Unexpectedly hearing from a stranger that there is no nostril, I suddenly realized that the whole universe is my home. In the June winding roads beneath Yeonam Mountains, Farmers leisurely give praise with songs of peace. 29 Jul 2015 7,651
28 Farewell I wanted to write you a poem before you depart on your long journey, But the tears flow before I could begin. 29 Jul 2015 7,592
27 Autumn Day Couplets The familiar sound of rain patters on the bamboo-covered eaves, And the valley's dense autumn foliage is rich with fall's abundant hue. From the garden trees fall lonely crimson leaves While the lovely yellow blossoms cry in the morning dew. 29 Jul 2015 7,753
26 Ancient Thoughts Though the winds are dormant, the flowers fall. The mountains become more poignant with the singing of birds. The sky and white clouds awaken together While the water and radiant moon flow in harmony. 29 Jul 2015 7,745
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