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What is Ganhwa Seon?

The Difference between the Mind of Rapid Result and the Mind of Indignant Outburst


What is the Mind of Rapid Result?
The mind of rapid result (sohyo sim) means the preceding mind that has a desire that “I must rapidly achieve” or “I must be awakened rapidly.” One must definitely not produce this mind of rapid result. The mind of rapid result fosters an impatient mind, putting the nerves on edge, and also induces the illness of the rising gi (sanggi byeong) in which this fervor rises up to the head. Therefore, the more this mind of rapid result arises, the more one has to earnestly and distinctly manage the hwadu so that the mind is more at ease and disinterested. The more the mind of rapid result appears, the more the study of hwadu is slowed.
If we look at the root cause of the mind of rapid result, we see it is due to the fact that the correct mental resolution has not been made. The mind that wants to perfect something or other through rapidly being awakened produces an impetuous mind. One cannot be enlightened at all if one produces the mind of rapid result. The mind that wants to be awakened becomes a delusion, and instead obstructs enlightenment because it only makes the mind impatient.
Seon Master Dahui had the following to say about this:
The point that one must bear in mind above all is that one must not produce the mind and move thought trying to be suddenly enlightened burning one’s insides. If such a thought arises for even a little bit, that thought will block the path of practice and cut it off, and one never will be enlightened. (Shuzhuang, Reply to Prefectural Governor Huang)
Just as Seon Master Dahui indicated, “If you produce the mind of rapid result even a little bit, you will never be enlightened,” the mind of rapid result is a major malfunction that must be warned against in the practice of Ganhwa Seon.
What is the Mind of Indignant Outburst?
The mind of indignant outburst (bunbal sim) is a mind that must be held by people who cannot do the hwadu and by people who do not advance much despite being devoted to the hwadu. When the study of it does not work, an indignant mind may also emerge, and one also becomes ashamed of oneself and one will produce a depressed mind. As I myself am Buddha, why can’t I find that place? The Buddha and generations of patriarchs found that place and led true lives, so why can’t I? One must sincerely harbor such an indignant mind.
If so, how are the mind of rapid result and the mind of indignant outburst different? The mind of indignant outburst is the study that establishes the genuine power of the vow and the correct views about the principles of one’s own existence, but if it is preceded by a desire that wants to be rapidly enlightened without the power of the vow or the correct views, that is the mind of rapid result. If one proceeds to hasten study with an impatient mind that (thinks I) must rapidly achieve the Way in the condition that has not made a mental resolve properly, instead one will induce an illness that will make it an obstacle to the study and so one definitely must not produce the mind of rapid result.
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