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Chongnim (총림)

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Chongnim (叢林), Comprehensive Monastic Training Complex


The term “Chongnim” refers to a comprehensive monastic training complex which is equipped with all four educational programs necessary for training Buddhist monks; a Seon Center (禪院; Seonwon) specializing in Seon meditation practice; a Monastic College (僧家大學; Seungga Daehak) providing basic education; a Monastic Graduate School of Vinaya Studies (律院; Yurwon); and a “Yeombul” Practice Center (念佛院; Yeomburwon). “Yeombul (念佛)” refers to the practice of mindfully chanting the names of Buddhas and bodhisattvas. In short, a Chongnim provides a venue for integrated practice wherein the next generation of monks are educated and trained to become leaders of the Korean Buddhist community. The name “Chongnim (叢林)” originated from the simile that, when many monks are gathered together in community, this community can be compared to a forest densely populated with trees.

For a long time, the Jogye Order has maintained an educational system consisting of five Chongnim; Gaya Chongnim at Haein-sa, Jogye Chongnim at Songgwang-sa, Yeongchuk Chongnim at Tongdo-sa, Deoksung Chongnim at Sudeok-sa and Gobul Chongnim at Baegyang-sa. Then on November 7, 2012, the Central Council of the Jogye Order decided to add three more Chongnim to the system, increasing the total number of Chongnim to eight. The newly designated Chongnim are at Beomeo-sa (the head temple of the 14th religious district), Donghwa-sa (the head temple of the 9th religious district), and Ssanggye-sa (the head temple of the 13th religious district). The Chongnim temples are all equipped with the basic infrastructure and manpower necessary for providing monastic education. In addition these temples constitute the foundation of both the Buddhist culture and practice of the Jogye Order.

- excerpt from Buddhist English (Intermediate 1) published in 2014 by the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism 

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