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Dharma Talk by H.E. Seongpa, Jongjeong, the Supreme Patriarch

The temple of the perfect enlightenment stands solemnly steeped in timeless sunyata (emptiness) and tranquility, yet
it is also the treasure trove that never exhausts itself.
If I seek it, it will elude me.
If I try to own it, it will turn its back on me.
I may attain it, yet it will reveal itself if I let go.
Its marvelous virtuosity has unlimited range and functions in all conditions, yet it manifests differently according to karma.

What is this?
It permeates the whole universe, and
all beings equally have it.

It has no name and no form, yet
unfolding, it operates in an untold number of ways.
Its workings are most clearly evident in me, yet
if I look for it, I cannot find it.
It is empty of inherent existence, yet
every phenomenon comes from it.
All Buddhas originate from it,
and it enters the lives of every man and woman and becomes their true master.
It cannot be created or destroyed, yet
it resonates with both the enlightened masters and ignorant commoners.

What is this?
It is neither a Buddha nor a sentient being, yet
its light radiates right in front of our faces.
All sentient beings carry it, and every single person you meet is a buddha, an unrealized tathagata.
Who is a buddha?
You are the one who is destined to be a buddha.

Birds sing at early dawn,
And stone giants stand up and dance
Since beginningless time,
Before Buddhas were born.
There is no Dharma outside of the mind,
And our eyes are saturated with green mountains.

March 30, B.E 2566 (2022)
Jungbong Seongpa, daejongsa, jongjeong
The Supreme Patriarch of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism

The Doctrine of Dharma 종정법어

常要淸規 (sangyo cheonggyu)
Always follow the pure rules of Sangha,

必須和睦 (pilsu hwamok)
Be harmonious without fail,

普利群生 (bori gunsaeng)
Benefit all beings by attaining wisdom.

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