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Six Paramitas (Perfections) 육바라밀

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Six Paramitas (Perfections)


The Sanskrit word "paramita" means to "cross over to the other shore." Through the practice of these six paramitas, we cross over the sea of suffering (samsara) to the shore of happiness and awakening (Nirvana).


1. The Perfection of Generosity: Giving which is completely free from attachment and expectation. There are three forms of giving: material things, the Dharma, and courage.

2. The Perfection of Ethics: Living life observing the precepts; Being virtuous and harmless in one's thoughts, speech and actions.

3. The Perfection of Patience: The strength of mind that enables us to face the challenges of life without losing our inner tranquility. Embracing adversity and insults with patience free of resentment.

4. The Perfection of Joyous Effort: Diligently practicing the Dharma and the other five paramitas to pursue the supreme goal of enlightenment.

5. The Perfection of Concentration: Stabilizing the mind by practicing meditation, by being mindful and aware in everything we do.

6. The Perfection of Wisdom: The supreme wisdom beyond words and concepts.


- excerpt from Buddhist English (Elementary 1) published in 2014 by the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism​ 



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