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Three Jewels (삼보)

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Three Jewels


The Three Jewels are the foundation of all forms of Buddhism.

The Three Jewels of Buddhism are: the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha.

The Buddha is the Enlightened One who first showed others the path. 

The Dharma is the collective term for the teachings of Buddhism.

The Buddha faced a great dilemma after his enlightenment – whether he should pass on his understanding or not. But out of compassion, he decided to pass on his teachings. These teachings came to be known as the Dharma.  

The Sangha is the community of all Buddhists who practice the Buddha's teachings.

The Sangha is the central institution of Buddhism, where monks and nuns, after taking vows, devote their lives to Buddhist practice and to teaching the laity to help them attain liberation.


- excerpt from Buddhist English (Elementary 1) published in 2014 by the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism 

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