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Summer and Winter Retreats (안거)

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Summer and Winter Retreats
하안거, 동안거

In Korean Buddhism, one finds a legacy of Ganhwa Seon practice, a unique method of Zen meditation rarely found in other Buddhist traditions. 

In the Jogye Order, over 2,000 monks and nuns attend three-month-long summer and winter retreats every year in Seon (Zen) monasteries and nunneries. During a retreat, called "angeo" (lit. to reside in peace) or “gyeolje,” (lit. binding rule), practitioners devote themselves to Seon meditation and other practices without leaving the temple. Their daily routine starts at 3 a.m. and in some cases at 2 a.m.


When the retreat ends, Seon practitioners leave to carry out a "traveling practice" called “manhaeng” (lit. ten thousand actions). The purpose of manhaeng is to apply in real life situations what they have learned while meditating during the retreat.  

- excerpt from Buddhist English (Elementary 1) published in 2014 by the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism



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