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Maitreya Buddha Hall (미륵전)

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Maitreya Buddha Hall (Mireuk-jeon)


"Maitreya" (Mireuk) means "loving kindness," and is the "Future Buddha" who is a successor to Buddha Sakyamuni. Maitreya is the embodiment of all the buddhas' loving kindness. Maitreya resides in Tusita Heaven, said to be reachable through meditation. Sakyamuni Buddha also lived there before he was born into the world.

It is said that one day Maitreya will become enlightened under the dragon-flower tree (nāga-pupa, Yonghwa-su) and turn the wheel of Dharma to save 30 billion souls with his great love.

- excerpt from Buddhist English (Elementary 1) published in 2014 by the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism




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