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Friends on the Path

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Friends on the Path is a Jogye Order public welfare foundation.  It is the first Buddhist foundation of its kind.  Its objectives are to help society through a transparent collection and distribution of funds helping the underprivileged class, restoration of ethic unity, environmental preservation, and supporting the development of the international community.


2009 Main Objectives


l        Provide relief aid in this economic crisis:  support living costs and necessities for those in need

l        Aid low income and unemployed with living cost support

l        Ethnic solidarity and harmony: construct living facilities for North Koreans

l        Environmental Preservation: create and support programs to live in harmony with the environment

l        Aid the international community by supporting the centers for migrant workers and support facilities for international families

아름다운 동행은 대한불교조계종이 설립한 불교계 최초 공익법인으로, 투명한 모금과 배분을 통해 구호, 소외계층지원, 한민족 공동체 회복, 환경보호, 국제개발협력 등 공익활동 지원기관입니다.



2009년 주요사업


◆ 재난재해구호


      _ 이재민 긴급 생계비, 생필품 지원





      _저소득 실직가정, 소외계층 생활비 지원



◆민족화합, 민족공동체회복


      _북한주민 생활시설 건립 지원



◆생태, 환경보호


      _환경친화적 생활환경 조성 및 실천 프로그램 지원





      _이주민 노동자 쉼터, 다문화가정지원센터 운영지원


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