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Invitation to Seon

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To begin with, I would like to express my warm welcome to everyone visiting this international site of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. Since Seon meditation was adopted in East Asian countries such as China, Japan and Korea, it has claimed an important position among the various Buddhist practices. This is especially true of Korea with one thousand seven hundred years of hwadu* Seon practice tradition. Due to this, Korea is considered to be the legitimate upholder of that Dharma lineage and so it is a part of our responsibility to present the essence of Seon to the world.

Enlightenment through Seon does not depend on words and phrases. It is a means of looking into the mind where thoughts end. If we examine the hwadu -- the great doubt itself -- with deep concentration and determination, then we can break the bonds of human sufferings -- birth, old age, sickness, death -- at once and enter into a state of great wisdom and liberation. This attainable experience is for each one to taste in its ineffability. But here lies the irony. We employ language to discuss Seon which is, in actual fact, beyond the grasp of concepts. Here lie the inevitable limits in conveying the boundlessness of Seon and the messages of the enlightened masters; this is the risk we should take if we wish to share hwadu Seon with you.

I sincerely hope that this site, the gate to Korean Buddhism for foreigners, will serve you well in your encounter with Seon and the offer of feeling the fragrance of awakening.

My heartfelt thanks go out to those who have devoted themselves to the creation of this site. In particular I wish to remember Ven. Beopjang, the late president of Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, who initiated this work with the vision of Korean Buddhism going out to the world. In addition I wish to thank the members of the Advisory Committee who exerted great effort to make this a fine site and to the prestigious translators who added light to the contents with correctness and lucidity.

This place is open to all, please come and join us. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will treasure your wish to seek for wisdom and liberation. Here I cordially invite you to spiritual understanding through Seon practice and wish you peace in the teachings of the Buddha.

February, Buddhist Era 2550 (2006)

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