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New Year’s Dharma Talk for B.E. 2550

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This morning the sky brightens up the light of Buddhism, and the worlds in all directions are in harmony with history.
In every home the virtues of heaven and earth are heaped up, and the whole world is filled with the sun of insight.
As the mountains and plains overflow with the airs that dignify the realm of the Dharma, a rustic elder sings the song of non-birth on a harp without strings.
The golden dragon comes out of the ravine in pursuit of the rain of the Dharma, and birds bring back the aroma from within the flowers.
The myriad blessings are carried within people’s hearts, and the blue sky fills their eyes.
Everywhere there is a path that enlightens one to the Way, and in front of one’s eyes the barrier gate (to enlightenment) is opened wide.
If one is bound to the Dharma one cannot be free, and if one is attached to an idea the bias will harm people.
If one casts aside desires and attachments for the external, the golden fowl that is brooding on an egg can sing beyond the clouds.
If one abandons the delusions that discriminate between the saint and ordinary person internally, then the wooden horse that has a foal sleeps well midst the flames, and the thousand year old tree without a shadow is today’s shoe without sole.
New Year’s Day of the twenty-third year (byeongsul) of the cycle.
The first day of the first month of the 2550th year of the Buddhist era.
Dorim Beopjeon, The Supreme Patriarch of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism

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