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[Counseling] How to live and survive in our society?

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As a college student, the most important goal in reality is to learn and practice for future job after the graduation. Although anyone can choose and change his or her job at any time, it is not easy in actual reality. For most people, what they do for living has critical impact on their happiness and success throughout their whole life.
Working for a living is not temporal, but it is a whole lifetime’s work. Therefore, in order to choose a right job for each one, they have to know and consider what they really want to do from the bottom of their hearts rather than what they receive, such as name and status.                   
Q: Hello, I am a Korean college student. I am confused about how to live and survive in our society which is extremely competitive to get a job. Although I am doing my best especially in my studies, but my grade is not that great. I am not sure what I should do in the future. Besides, I don’t have a confidence in getting a good job.
A: There are many reasons why Korean society is particularly competitive compared to other countries; they are related to social, political, and cultural issues. However, as of now, let’s focus on your personal level. First, I like to ask you what you want to do in the future. It is your life; therefore, it is important to change and think about what you really want to do with your life.
Q: I want to have a stable job when I graduate from college and hope to earn enough money to buy a house and get married.
A: I think that is not what you truly want to do in your life. What you are saying is a basic necessary living for everyone. I am asking you what you really want to do in this life from your heart not from your head.
Q: Honestly speaking, I don’t know what I really like to do. Actually, I never thought about what I really want to do. I just thought graduating from college, getting a job, buying a house, and getting married is what I need to do to have a stable life in our society. By the way, could you explain a little bit more about the difference between wanting from my heart and from my head?
A: Speaking of a job as an example, if you seek a job based on the recognition or popularity by others or society rather than based on what you want to do, it is the wanting from your head. On the other hand, if you seek a job based on what you really want to do rather than others’ recognition, it is the wanting from your heart.
Q: Do you mean I have to follow my heart instead of following my head in choosing my job?
A: Yes.
Q: Could you give me some reasons?
A: It is because the true happiness or satisfaction does not come from outer mind but from inner mind. At the same time, the truly successful life is based on the true happiness and inner satisfaction. The other reason is that if you follow your heart and passion, you do not need any special recognition or compensation from others, because the fact that you are doing what you want to do gives you satisfaction and happiness. It is like you do not expect any reward when you are playing, because playing itself is a reward.
Q: How can I know if my wanting is from my heart and not from my head?
A: If you listen to your heart instead of looking for things based on attachment, ignorance, and greed, such as a form, name, reputation, and status, you will notice it.
Q: Is there any special method for listening to my heart well?
A: Yes. You can observe and be more aware of your mind, heart, and passion through meditation practice. Only you will know what you truly want.

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