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Being Negative on the Way to Being Affirmative

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Being Negative on the Way to Being Affirmative

Needless to borrow what old Buddhist monks said “If you’re warm-hearted, your aspiration for enlightenment can lessen,” obsession makes you uncomfortable.
Nirvana denotes a free condition where you rid yourself of all sorts of connections.
However, obsession is exactly the cause of the connections. 
Obsession with human feelings is much more indestructible than the one with things. 
Leaving home means leaving the home of the obsession, and in that sense, renunciant practitioners can be called cold-blooded as if they’re metals. 
However, their coldness is only a negative phase toward the heat of affirmation in the end. 

The compassion of the bodhisattivas who are on the horizon of affirmation is as warm as spring sunshine.

- Venerable Beopjeong’s Essay  


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