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When You Let It Go, You Feel Happy Even With Very Small Things

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     Everyone understands what is being taught so far. We all know it through reading the texts and hearing the teachings. However, people tend to say, That was a very good teaching, but is not applicable in real life. and look outwardly. If we all know this, then why do we continue to look outward rather than to look within? Why a discrepancy between what we know and what we do in real life? People talk about what reality is, but if you think more carefully it is due to greed rather than reality. We just do not want to admit that it is because of the ‘greed’.





     “We all live like that, what’s wrong with you?



     “Who lives without greed in this world?





     Without looking within ourselves, we try to blend in with the rest of the world. Unintentionally, we try to justify this ‘greed’. It is not true that Everyone all live like that. There are people out there ‘without such greed for the world’. However, people who lead this kind of life is often ignored or seen as a ‘special case’.




     Perhaps, people may feel that Soyokjijok (you will know satisfaction with less greed) is a luxury they can not afford.  But, there is a saying in Korean, ‘Even with a thousand rooms in the palace only one room is needed for a good night’s of sleep, even with a ten thousand acres of land only a quart of rice is needed for a day’s meal (from the book ‘The Mind of Zen’). Some may say, If I  had a thousand acres of land and a thousand rooms, I could easily accept this teaching as well. or some may say the following:





     “They go on about finding satisfaction with small things, but they could say that only because they are rich.



     “All these speeches about needing only one room, that explains the reason why they are so poor.





     We hear again and again about ‘the reality’ or ‘the world’, but we do not ‘see’ the reality or the world, but rather bury ourselves in reality or the world. Also, the elders often talk about ‘being non possessive’ or say that ‘blessed are the poor’. The most likely reason why they say this is because most of us can not handle such a difficult life. It may be true that humans always look outwardly because of the greed. However, greed will not bring true happiness, so the elders often teach us to be ‘non possessive’ or that ‘blessed are the poor’. Since we can not find satisfaction through greed, we can not fulfill ourselves simply by ‘filling it’. So, we need to look at our own greed. The meaning of ‘the poor’ here is to be ‘humble’. In other words, we must ‘let it all go. But, we can not let ourselves go as long as there is greed.





     Let’s take a deep breath and look up to the sky. Sometimes we reminisce about the past and say, ‘Those were the good old days.’ or we pressure ourselves for the better tomorrow. But, whatever happens to today? It feels like today is much better than the past, but we say those were the good old days; we put great pressure on ourselves for the better tomorrow, but that tomorrow never comes and only the nagging voices remain. What about today? Why should only the past and the future be beautiful? Is it not possible to have a beautiful present?





     The happiness could not be found  just by ‘filling’ it. Actually, when we let go of our greed and free our mind, we will find happiness even with small things. We all have these experiences. There are moments when we find happiness with just small things. We found happiness, simply by changing our mind. Just by the fact that we can look up to the sky could bring us happiness. But, we often forget this in our day to day life. Only when we lose happiness of today do we realize that we were too greedy. We soon realize that this seemingly very small happiness should not be underestimated. This is like when we realize the importance of health after  falling seriously ill. 





     Let’s begin by finding small happiness. Remember the happy moments and learn to appreciate those moments. A great strength can be achieved through this. Empty all and it will begin to overflow. Happiness of today means happiness of yesterday and happiness of tomorrow. Through the happiness of today, the memories of the past can be recalled and the plans for the happy future can be made. The past does not remain as the same past. The past can also change. Today’s happiness exist because the past difficulties transformed itself. When now is happy, the poverty of the past can be remembered as precious moments.



Do your very best and accept the results with humility, this is the way to empty your mind. When you empty all, you will find happiness even with very small things.



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