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Irrepressible Stories of the Nuns of Mount Jiri

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More important than what to eat is why we eat. For someone who only possesses truth and compassion for beings, even eating and going to the washroom are Bodhisattva activities. There are stories of the great masters Wonhyo and Hyegong who would catch and eat fish, and liberate their lives. Of the food we eat, how much can we liberate? The food we eat can alchemize into a Buddha or it can become desire for only oneself. In order to dedicate for the sake of all beings the food that was made with great toil by Ven. Hyeonhyeon on this hot summer day, I recall our temple’s meal prayer.

Hongseowon Temple Meal Prayer

We offer this food this day sincerely with all our heart
We receive this food this day sincerely with all our heart

May we be free from delusion
From one thought to the next
May we become Buddha one spoon at a time
We dedicate for the sake of all sentient beings

Picture: World of hungry ghost who are born as a result of insatiable greed (illustrated by Seonwu)

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