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Irrepressible Stories of the Nuns of Mount Jiri

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Flowers have bloomed on the Chinese quince tree in our temple. Usually, Chinese quince tree flowers are small so that they are not noticed very much. This year, the flowers blossomed so well that we can smell the fragrance in the wind. There is also a reason why the scent of the flowers is especially inspiring. This is the tree that was planted by Ven. Jeongbong more than ten years ago.

When Ven. Jeongbong prepared the grounds for the temple, he did a good job of planting seeds. Since I grew up in the city, I wondered when such a small seed would ever become a big tree. When I think about the past seven years spent here and the way this temple becomes lush in the summer, I feel quite wonderful.

Ven. Jeongbong also plants the seed of dharma to all those who come to him attracted by his fragrance. In the beginning many people take this seed with great joy but as the connection weakens over time, these people lose their grip on the dharma. When we see such people we become very sad and anxious. At this time, Ven. Jeongbong would say:

“Don’t worry. It is infinite life and infinite light. We need to live with infinite determination. You may not know, but I try to see far in advance. There are difficult people in this life. However, the seed of dharma that we have planted will surely sprout in the next or next, next life. The important thing is to plant the correct cause of dharma. In the Lotus Sutra, Lord Buddha came into the world by the way of the karmic connection of great importance. He came to teach others that there was no birth and death originally and we are already Buddha. If we can plant such a correct cause, then we’ve done all we can do.”

The best temple to build is the temple of the heart. How wonderful it would be if everyone could plant the precious seed of dharma in their hearts to blossom the flower of Buddha great compassion and wisdom.  

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