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Irrepressible Stories of the Nuns of Mount Jiri

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During mealtimes, there are special guests waiting outside. They are wild cats. To fill their empty bellies, these carnivores will not refuse even a vegetarian meal. They keep strict order among themselves and show unusual composure as they wait patiently for Ven. Hyeonhyeon to feed them. We mix leftovers with a little oil and soybean paste. Sometimes, they will curl their tales up in a magnificent way and let out a “meow” to express their thanks. At times, the mother cat will bring her kittens to teach them how to eat at our temple, Hongseowon. These carnivores come to our temple and patiently wait, only to eat vegetables like zucchinis, seaweed, carrots, potatoes, kelp, and mushrooms. I feel a little bit bad for this, but I’m happy they can relieve their hunger. Through this connection, we pray the cats will be reborn as humans to meet the dharma.


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