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Dharma Talk to Conclude 2013 Summer Retreat

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Dharma Talk to Conclude 2013 Summer Retreat


Supreme Patriarch, His Eminence the Most Ven. Jinje



"Unlock the Critical Phrase <一句> and Awaken All Men to Discerning Mind"


Hi Eminence the Most Ven. Jinje, the Supreme Patriarch of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, delivered a Dharma talk on August 21 in conclusion of intensive summer retreat for the Buddhist Era of 2557.



His Eminence affirmed, “We must awaken to the critical phrase even the thousands of Seon Masters may not have realized. In this summer retreat, abide to the absolute non-substantiality all the past Buddhas and eminent teachers had awakened to,” Urging all monastics to steadily exert their effort in practice.     



Master Jinje also addressed in his teachings, “Do not give yourself into hindrances but find poise, fervently investigating critical phrase whether in your highs or in lows. Thus, each must awaken to the True Self and not be divergent to what comes before and after.” He then continued, “Practitioners in every direction must reach such level. Only then, can you finally become a Great Seon Master to help beings to open their eyes to attaining great wisdom.”




Approximately 2190 Bhikkhus and Bhikkhunis from over 96 Seon Centers nationwide have entered this year’s Summer Retreat to investigate on hwadu.






Three Transformative Teachings (三轉語) by Master Yunmen (雲門)



[His Eminence the Most Venerable Jinje, the Supreme Patriarch of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism entered the Dharma Hall and raised the Dharma staff to the assembly.]



Under the scorching summer sun


Our body feels hot and is dampened with perspiration


The critical phrase inspires all humans and celestial beings


How could I acknowledge my existence this early on


If the current carries you into Samadhi in realizing the True Self


Everything in this world is nothing but priceless treasure





Establishment of Mt. Palgongsan’s Donghwa-sa Comprehensive Monastic College in conjunction with sojourning of the summer retreat of water snake year will not only help achieve perfect unification in Buddha-dharma but will help it to flourish all the more. This is most auspicious contribution in revival of Buddhism and world peace, truly a blessing for the fourfold assembly and of all sentient beings.



The critical phrase residing on the peak may not have been realized still by thousand saints. Only if you have penetrated and had gone through the phrase in piercing through the crown, can you finally say to have attained the ordinance of youngsimcheo (where mind functions). Hold on to tongs and hammers as done by the Buddhas and spiritual patriarchs to cut off the torrent of afflictions. Sometimes rising to the east but sinking to the west, going vertically and then horizontally, emancipating in between giving and receiving. Therefore, combine ways in looking into the minds of the practitioner to see through his or her capabilities, then with skillful means assist students to gain enlightenment. Gathering and dispersing, a great function is instantaneously present and there is no need to set any archetypes.



Sometimes taking hold of a blade of grass through a form of grand Buddhist statue, at other times taking on a grand Buddhist statue in as simple as a blade of grass. Holding on to the strand-removing sword on hand, you will attain unobstructed freedom, finding life at the time of death and yet finding death in the time of life.



Bring out your treasure and fervently investigate the critical phrase, whether in the highs or in the lows. Each one must awaken to their faultless existence, while not become divergent to what comes before and after.



Master Yumen once gave a speech on Three Transformative Teachings to the great assembly.



What is Dharma?


What is the Sata-shastra of Aryadeva?


What is the strand-removing sword of truth?



He trained many young practitioners with such Dharma talk. I urge the mighty practitioners of Donghwa-sa Comprehensive Monastic College at Mt. Palgongsan to train with the Dharma talk. I expect all practitioners from all direction to realize the truth at this level and once and for all put an end to cultivation and striving in the Buddha-way. Become a great master and lead sentient beings to open their eyes to the great wisdom.



How do you reflect on ultimate critical phrase?”



A child seen through your own eyes reflect your true self


The golden crow reflected on water becomes a beautiful sun in the sky.



[Hits the Dharma desk (法床) once with the Dharma staff (拄杖子) and descended from the Dharma seat.] 



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