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Dharma Talk Given by the Supreme Patriarch to Mark the End of the Summer Retreat

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Jungbong Seongpa(中峰 性坡,

Supreme Patriarch of Jogye order of Korean Buddhism)

The hibiscus in the Vulture Peak Mountain have bloomed red!

The moon is shining brightly in front of everyone,

And the wind is blowing beneath everyone\'s feet.

Broken mirror does not have a trace of the reflection,

A bird that sings a long cry perches on a branch.

To the renunciants who have completed the retreat and are leaving the mountain! What have you got in your bundles? Do you have enough clean wind and honeydew that will cool down the heat and quench your thirst? The mind of a renunciant should not be narrow, should not be angry, should not be afraid, and shoul not be foolish. Only when you have all these qualities can you believe and praise the news from the Vulture Peak Mountain that the hibiscus next to the Nine-Dragon Pond have bloomed even redder in the heat.

Master Yaoshan(藥山, Medicine Mountain) sent a monk out to the city to collect donations. The monk only made out of the mountain and went to the house of Ganzhi Xingzhe(甘贄行者). Xingzhe asked the monk, “For which monastery do you collect donations?” The monk answered, “I am from Yaoshan.” Xingzhe asked, “Did you bring some medicine?” The monk asked, “Are you sick?”

Xingzhe gave 20 taels of silver and the monk quickly took it and returned to Yaoshan. Xingzhe told his wife that if there was a good person at Yaoshan, then the silver taels would return and if there was no good person, then the silver taels would not return.

The monk immediately returned to Yaoshan and the Master asked “How come could you come back so soon?” The monk answered, “Dharma has a great power.” The Master asked, “What happened?” The monk told him all the details and when he finished the story, the master ordered him to go back and return the silver taels. So the monk brought back the silver taels to Xingzhe. Xingzhe told his wife that there was a good person in Yaoshan and he added another 20 taels and sent them all to Yaoshan.

The flower laughs in the rain in front of the stairs,

The pine tree rustles in the wind outside the window.

Why search for the subtle meaning?

This is the true meaning.

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