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Washington Bubhwasa Temple spread Buddhist Culture in the Local Area by Hosting a Lotus Festival

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20230904164406_0f5919fafacaf0cdaae1a378bWashington Bubhwasa Temple(abbot Ven. Wol) held a lotus festival at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens in Washington, D.C. on July 15th. New York Bulkwang Zen Center, Hanmaeum Seon Center, Bohyeonsa Temple, Modern Buddhism Publication put their effort together and provided various programs, such as Sutra reading, lantern and prayer beads making, lotus flower tea tasting, coloring books, and so on.

Visitors spent a quality time enjoying the beauty of lotus flowers and experiencing Korean Buddhist culture at the booths set up by Korean Buddhists. The Gardens expressed its gratitude, noting that it was a well-received event.

Ven. Wol said, “The lotus festival had been held for 14 years with the collective effort put together by Modern Buddhism Publication and lay Buddhists in Washington area until the pandemic outbreak. I always hoped the festival to resume in the back of my mind.” and added, “As the pandemic subsided the event could finally take place. It is all thanks to the Overseas Special District, Lotus Lantern Festival and support from lay Buddhists that we could lead the event successfully. With this lotus festival as a starting point I hope the Buddhist culture of Korea and that of America grow side by side.”

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