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LA Banyasa Temple opened a Ganhwaseon Meditation Sesson

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LA Banyasa Temple(abbot Ven. Hyuncheol) runs a Ganhwaseon meditation session every Wednesday at 7 : 50 pm, staring from July 5th. The program centers on studies and discussions based on a text book on Ganhwaseon, as well as actual meditation practice. The Temple explained that meditation has gained traction across religious boundaries to the extent that new terms like Christian Buddhist and Jewish Buddhist have arisen.

The temple added, “Ganhwaseon is Korean traditional meditation method with its root in Chinese Chan Buddhism. It has been practiced by people with various occupations, such as poets, painters, musicians, psychiatrists, physicians, neuroscientists and clinical psychologists.” They further expressed their hope that many people from around the world, regardless of race or religion, would participate in this program.

Date: Every Wednesday from 7:50 PM starting July 5th

Contact: 1-213-453-4817 / 1-213-210-4429

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