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The Eastern US Branch of the Overseas Special District Held a Joint Dharma Assembly to celebrate the 2567th Buddha's Birthday

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On June 11th the Eastern US branch of the Overseas Special District (branch president Ven. Jigwang) held a joint Dharma assembly to celebrate the 2567th Buddha's Birthday at New York Wongaksa Temple. The assembly was attended by 600 lay Buddhists and monastics from temples around the eastern US region, including New York Wongaksa Temple, Bulgwangsa Temple, Jeongmyeongsa Temple, Jogyesa Temple, Daegwaneumsa Temple, New Jersey Borisa Temple, Hyeanjongsa Temple, and Boston Munsusa Temple. The day was more auspicious as the event fell on the same day as the construction of the main Buddha hall at the New York Wongaksa Temple approached completion.

A cheerful samulnori performance(Korean traditional percussion music) and a choir performance by teenagers form Korean language school opened up the first part of the cultural event, followed by performances by Mahayeon Fusion Ensemble, New York/New Jersey Joint Choir, Donggul 108 Choir, and samgomu(three drum dance).

In the main event of the second part, a special time was set aside for Ven. Subul, head of Anguk Seon Center in Korea, to deliver a congratulatory Dharma talk. He encouraged the audience to continue to strive, saying “We have to go back to the essence of Buddhism, which is cultivating our mind. The Hwadu(koan) of Ganhwaseon is the supreme method to illuminate our wisdom. To have faith in our Buddha nature and become a Buddha yourself is what truly pleases the Buddha.”

Prior to this, Ven. Jigwang, branch president of the Overseas Special District, said in his welcoming speech that he was happy and blissful to hold a joint Dharma assembly, which had been put on halt for three years due to the pandemic. The Eastern US branch will continue to hold Dharma assemblies in the future.

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