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Buddhism in Film, the 2023 One World One Flower International Buddhist Film Festival (OIBFF)

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The 2023 One World One Flower International Buddhist Film Festival (OIBFF), where the audience could view films with Buddhist themes from around the world, was held at Dongguk University from August 17-20, organized by the Graduate School of Digital Image and Contents of Dongguk University and hosted by the Lay Association of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism.

The international film festival ended successfully with a cumulative audience of over 2,700 people and a 42% occupancy over the four days. A total of 60 films from 28 countries were screened for free at Dongguk University and Daehan Cinema. While the two sections titled 'Buddha's Gaze' and 'World Cinema' presented feature films, short movies were organized and introduced in a separate section. Buddhist-themed films such as “Dark Red Forest” and “Tukdam: Between Worlds” in particular recorded high seat occupancy rates.

20230831173950_baaed22370d2f5241a1ceecf1A variety of side events were held in addition to feature film screenings, including conversations with filmmakers, a performance by the Korean Folk Dance Research Society, a choral performance by the Seonbul Men's Choir, a screening of works from the Youth Film Camp, the Dongguk OTT Showcase, and a talk concert with Ven. Seonjn. The festival selected as its closing film “Mama and Maga” directed by Choi Jin-kyu.

"Buddhist films contain universal values that are timeless and transcend the discriminations based on nationality, race or gender," said Ven. Jinwoo, the president of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. "We hope that the OIBFF will become a global cultural festival and serve as a great momentum for the Buddhist renaissance."

"All of the Buddhist-themed films showcased at the 2023 OIBFF are masterpieces created by filmmakers from around the world, and they are of such high quality that they resonate with the hearts of all Buddhists." Said Ven. Dongwan, the chair of Dongguk University Board of Directors. "I hope that the OIBFF will continuously grow, getting closer to the public, and awaken a sense of cultural pride among Korean Buddhists and inspire people beyond Korea."

Homepage: http://www.oibff.com/

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