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Lotus Lantern Gets a Makeover as an E-newsletter

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20230724134346_0272271f87ff3e1c8d21339f4The Lotus Lantern, the English-language publication of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, is now newly launched as an e-newsletter to make the Jogye Order more widely known to the world and facilitate the globalization of Korean Buddhism in the fast-changing digital era.

The Lotus Lantern is the official English-language magazine of the Jogye Order. Published quarterly, it has been widely promoting the excellence of Korean Buddhism overseas since its first issue in the spring of 1999. Introducing the news of the Jogye Order, the teachings of its spiritual masters, and Korean Buddhism’s world-renowned cultural heritage and tradition, the Lotus Lantern has been distributed to foreign Buddhists, overseas diplomatic missions, and temples in foreign countries.

With this historical background, the Lotus Lantern will now meet the Buddhists at home and abroad as Lotus Lantern E-newsletter from 2023. In this age of digital media, the Lotus Lantern will evolve from the existing print form to expand its reach, better promoting the Jogye Order and propagating Korean Buddhism free from regional and national constraints.

The e-newsletter is to be published bimonthly and emailed to subscribers individually. It will contain news from the order and overseas temples, dealing with Buddhist cultural assets such as pagodas. The e-newsletter will also introduce as a new feature links to various English-language videos produced by the Jogye Order, and each article will end with a short quote from sutras to gradually familiarize readers with Buddhist doctrines. In addition, the newsletter will change the color of each issue to match the season to make the readers’ experience more interesting.

"We will promote Korean Buddhism and the Jogye Order by publishing more varied content," said the Social Affairs Office, adding, "We look forward to your interest and support."

If you wish to subscribe, please email lotuslantern@buddhism.or.kr.


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