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We will do our best to help Türkiye recover.

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The Jogye Order delivered 200 million won to the Embassy of Türkiye in Seoul

On Feb. 13 the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism stated, “Representing the hearts of Korean Buddhists who want to share the burden of Türkiye’s suffering following this disastrous earthquake, and to help with a speedier recovery, we will donate 200 million won to Türkiye.” The Order further announced, “This morning representatives of the executive branch of the Jogye Order will visit the embassy of the Republic of Türkiye to deliver relief funds.”

Ven. Jinwoo, President of the Jogye Order, expressed his deep sorrow and offered his condolences to those victims of the horrific earthquakes which recently struck Türkiye and Syria and to the bereaved families.

Praying for a fast rescue of those still trapped among the rubble, Ven. Jinwoo conveyed his message of solace to the citizens of Türkiye who must be feeling a deep sense of sorrow and loss.

Monastics representing the executive branch of the Jogye Order visited the Embassy of Türkiye and offered their condolences to the disaster victims of the earthquakes while offering 200 million won in relief funds.

The compassion and warmth of the Korean Buddhist community have come together to help Türkiye and Syria which are suffering from one of the worst natural disasters in their history.

Representatives of the Jogye Order who visited the Embassy of Türkiye were Ven. Seonghwa, the Order’s Spokesperson and Director of Planning; Ven. Beomjong, Director of Social Affairs, and Ven. Ilhwa, Standing Director of the Dreaminus Foundation.

Ven. Seonghwa expressed his profound condolences to Türkiye which has suffered so greatly.

This is the first time the Korean Buddhist community, led by Ven. Seonghwa, has visited the Embassy of Türkiye to offer their condolences following a national disaster.

In a book listing visitors offering condolences at the embassy, Ven. Seonghwa expressed the Order’s fervent wish for a speedy recovery from the earthquake through the boundless blessings of all the buddhas.

In a dialogue with Mr. Murat Tamer, the Turkish ambassador, the Order’s representatives expressed their hopes that those still missing be rescued quickly, those who are injured can fully recover and resume normal, happy lives, and Türkiye will be blessed with a fast recovery. They further stated that the Jogye Order would do whatever necessary to help.

Ambassador Tamer said his heart ached from the tragic news coming from his home country every day, and asked for help to speed up the nation’s recovery.

He further said that Korea and Türkiye are like brethren countries because Turkish soldiers also shed blood along with Koreans during the Korean War, and he conveyed a message of deep gratitude for the ample support and assistance coming from the religious communities.

Ambassador Tamer also said that he saw Korea cultivating good international relations over this disaster, and that both parties would explore ways to recover from this disaster together.

On behalf of Ven. Jinwoo, President of the Jogye Order, Ven. Seonghwa, Director of Planning, handed over relief funds amounting to 200 million won.

The Jogye Order is launching a special fundraising drive to help the affected areas in Türkiye and Syria through its two affiliated institutions: the Korean Buddhist Foundation for Social Welfare and the Dreaminus Foundation.

In order to help a brother country who is faced with life and death situations every day, kind and generous hands are continuing to be extended from the Korean Buddhist community.

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