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New Year’s Message for the Year 2021 (B.E. 2565)

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By His Excellency Master Jinje, Supreme Patriarch
The Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism



人生百年如浮雲 Insaeng baeknyeon yeobuun
箇中有人勤精進 Gaejung yeoin geunjeongjin
忽忙之中明此事 Holmang jijung myeonchasa
歷劫不昧安穩樂 Yeokgeop bulmae anonrak


The human lifespan of 100 years is as fleeting as clouds,
But some persevere in the ardent practice
Amid all the vicissitudes of life until achieving enlightenment.
They will be carefree and joyous, eternally free from the bondage of time.


Born in every morning is a brand new day, yet we still bid farewell to the last year and herald the New Year of White Ox. On this auspicious morning, the new ray of the sun radiates like bolts of lightning throughout the universe, accompanied by the thundering Dharma music of the Buddha, penetrating and transforming every corner of the mountains, rivers, and fields into the Pure Land of Vairocana, all peaceful and prosperous.

The plague that spread throughout the world in the bygone year resulted from humanity’s extremely selfish and unbridled pursuit of material wealth and convenience, which contaminated nature and destroyed the eco-system of the earth. Never turning inward to search for the answer in our mind, the human race is now lost in the dark valley filled with fear and pain.


The Dharma realm of the universe is Indra\'s net, the interconnected web of interdependent phenomena. The whole world is a single-family, and the numberless beings are not different from me, but one.


All human beings are organically connected with each other, and humanity with nature. To respect and be kind to others means to respect and be kind to oneself.


No one can exist without his or her neighbors, or live without grouded on the earth underneath us. Destroying the environment and eco-system is nothing but self-harm.


Let the year 2020 usher in the end of all conflicts and hostilities and the reconciliation of all dissensions and divisions. Let the year 2020 be the beginning of a perfectly harmonious co-existence.


The harder the situation is, the more we must share with our less fortunate neighbors who are suffering unnoticed in the dark. The great compassion is also the great wisdom of realizing we are all one. A true pursuit of happiness can never be selfish; it always seeks to be happy together with everyone around us, especially with the people in distress.


If we wish to enjoy comfort and happiness life after life, we must ceaselessly and ardently investigate the hwadu of “What is my true face before I was born of my parents?” until we realize our true nature.


Our true nature is more expansive than space and brighter than the sun.


If we cultivate the mind and realize our true self, we will attain limitless peace and unfathomable bliss forever free from all conflicts, discriminations, or divisions.


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