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Supreme Patriarch’s Dharma Talk to Mark the Tea Ceremony Dedicated to National Teacher Master Doeui (道義)

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Supreme Patriarch’s Dharma Talk to Mark the Tea Ceremony Dedicated to National Teacher Master Doeui (道義)

National Teacher Master Doeui, the first Patriarch of the Far Eastern lineage!

Master Doeui, who found the sequential way of stage-by-stage practice lacking,went to the Tang Dynasty in search of the true Dharma, outdid all Five Doctrinal schools and received the transmission of the Buddha’s Heart Seal,the unsurpassed supreme teaching of the Chan School of Mt. Caoxifrom Chan Master Zhizang.

The Caoxi school, founded by Sixth Patriarch Huineng, is the one true origin of the Patriarchal Chan, the most direct path to the realization of the true nature of mind and the full awakening of the most fundamental mind of the Buddha and patriarchs. This extraordinary teaching of the Caoxi school is unique in all of Three Realms.

Master Doeui brought the whole body of this true Dharma intact to the Far East, but he withdrew from people and dropped out of sight. Then, when the time came, the magnificent tenet of Mt. Caoxi was revealed to the world, the fragrance of the authentic Heart Seal reaching to the heavens, transcending the three times of the past, present and future. This uncontrived Dharma prevails in unbroken lineage, all because the Great Compassion of Master Doeui moved the heavens.

The Great Vow of Master Doeui, our first Patriarch, now fills this secular world with the great Seon aspiration and the interpenetrated harmony. May humanity be full of happiness, and peace be with the Korean peninsula.

I, Jinje, your rightful heir, now offer the incense and Dharma to your alter. Please accept the meager offerings of your descendants.



If there is a person who furls and unfurls this Dharma of Truth at will,

He will never succumb to darkness, blessed with happiness for all eons to come.

June 22, B.E. 2564 (2020)


Supreme Patriarch

The Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism

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