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New Year’s Address by Ven. Wonhaeng, the President of Jogye Order, in the Buddhist Era 2563 (2019)

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  The Year of Golden Pig has dawned. I pray that the households and workplaces of all our citizens would be filled with bright and healthy spirit.


  Let us share fortune and virtue with our neighbors through practicing compassion in our daily life. We should not forget that Buddha’s dharma and justice are great and eternal, and therefore we should continue our zealous practice while treating ourselves and our neighbors precious.


  Buddha has taught that all things change within the condition of dependent origination where each elements are interconnected. Today’s life is the result of the deeds stemming from the vows of yesterday. This is the reason why we should live an always-awakened life.


  Pig is a symbol of diligence, faithfulness, fortune and wealth. We shall make a more prosperous world and help our neighbors who are less privileged.


  Especially, we shall form a more harmonious world by lessening the burden and pain of the youth and befriending those neglected in our society. Furthermore, I hope that North and South Korea would build peace on the Korean Peninsula to commemorate the 100th anniversary of March 1st Movement. I pray that all our citizens would open the door to the bright new year with positive spirit and warm relationships.


On the First Day of the New Year in the Buddhist Era 2563

Ven. Wonhaeng, the President of Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism

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