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Dharma Assembly Praying for World Peace Held on Occasion of 38th Korea-Japan Buddhist Cultural Exchange Conference

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Dharma Assembly Praying for World Peace Held on Occasion of 38th Korea-Japan Buddhist Cultural Exchange Conference


Dharma Assembly praying for the world peace was held to celebrate the 38th Korea-Japan Buddhist Cultural Exchange Conference was held at the Great Dharma Hall of Beopjusa Temple the head temple of the 5th district on the June 26th of Buddhist Era 2562 (2018).

Ven. Seoljeong, the President of Korea-Japan Council for Buddhist Cultural Exchange and Ven. Ryujo Fujita, the President of Japan-Korea Council for Buddhist Cultural Exchange led the exchange to build friendship between the Buddhist communities of the two countries while praying for permanent peace on the Korean peninsula and promising for an active cooperation to propagate Buddhism to the youth.

Ven. Seoljeong stated in his remarks that “Korean and Japanese Buddhist community did not only point to the commonality of being Buddha’s followers, but have joined their efforts to overcome the unfortunate history between the two countries. Therefore, the two communities shall be the guides that lead all sentient beings to comfort and happiness through Buddha’s teachings.” He added on to emphasize the importance of outreach to the youth by saying that “Buddha once met with 30 youths who were looking for their stolen jewels and asked them whether ”it is important to find the lost jewels or one’s self“ leading them to the enlightenment. We also have to be the bridge helping youths to discover themselves and to go out to the larger world.”

Ven. Ryujo Fujita also expressed his concern saying that “As it is the trend of today for the people to leave religions all around the world, there is a concern that Buddhist teachings and tradition are disappearing from the society and households, However, Buddhism is quite essential for healthy personality formation of the youths.”

One hundred Korean Buddhist leaders including Ven. Seoljeong of Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, Ven. Pyeon Baekwun of Taego Order, Ven. Mundeok of Chontae Order, Ven. Hoeseong of Jingak Order, Ven. Hongpa of Kwanum Order, Ven. Ingu of Bomun Order and fifty Japanese Buddhist leaders including Ven. Ryujo Fujita and Ven. Tetsugen Shibata have participated at the dharma assembly. 

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