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Dharma Assembly for Prosperity of Korea Showcasing the Sacred Relics Held at Jogyesa

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   Forty sacred relics at the storage facility of the National Museum of Korea, including four relics found from the Stone Brick Pagoda of Bunhwangsa, one relic of Ven. Seoljam (also known as Kim Si-seup, a Korean scholar and author in the Joseon period) of Muryangsa and thirty-five relics of Jogyesa, were transferred to Jogeysa.

On June 9, the Dharma assembly for prosperity of the Republic of Korea showcasing the sacred relics was held at the precinct of Jogyesa. The relics will be displayed to the public by July 25.

The Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism and National Museum of Korea agreed on three-year lending of a total of 129 sacred relics stored at national and public museums nationwide. According to the agreement, the relics will be returned to the Buddhist temples where they originally belonged by 2019, while some of the relics for which temples where they were initially found are unknown will be enshrined in the Buddha Triad of the Great Hero Hall of Jogyesa. 

The Jogye Order held the ritual marking the transfer of the sacred relics at the annexed building of the National Palace Museum of Korea. Following the ritual, the parade carefully carrying the relics headed to the Gwanghwamun Square with the leading group celebrating the meaningful return of the treasured relics with exciting music played by barrel drums, hourglass-shaped drums and gongs. Approximately 500 Buddhist monks and lay Buddhists of Jogyesa followed the palanquin carrying the reliquary of the relics.

At the Dharma assembly, Ven. Jaseung, President of the Jogye Order, said, “I am very pleased to be able to enshrine the sacred relics which have kept the teachings of the Buddha and sincere aspiration of the public intact at the precinct of Dharma. It is my hope that visitors could purify their mind and cultivate a field of fortune in their mind by paying respect to the holy relics, while also sharing happiness with neighbors and a society and praying for solace of the nation and public.” 

Ven. Jihyun, the abbot of Jogyesa, also said, “Today the treasured relics previously stored at museums nationwide are enshrined at the chief sacred site of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism as objects of worship”, while making a vow to ensure peace of the Republic of Korea so that all citizens could be guiding light of themselves and pain of society can be healed.

Article reference: http://www.ibulgyo.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=158409

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